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Synonyms for monastic

Synonyms for monastic

a male religious living in a cloister and devoting himself to contemplation and prayer and work

of communal life sequestered from the world under religious vows

References in classic literature ?
But the singular appearance of his companion and his attendants, arrested their attention and excited their wonder, and they could scarcely attend to the Prior of Jorvaulx' question, when he demanded if they knew of any place of harbourage in the vicinity; so much were they surprised at the half monastic, half military appearance of the swarthy stranger, and at the uncouth dress and arms of his Eastern attendants.
Charges brought upon the second Thursday after the Feast of the Assumption, in the year of our Lord thirteen hundred and sixty-six, against brother John, formerly known as Hordle John, or John of Hordle, but now a novice in the holy monastic order of the Cistercians.
A monotonous, silent city, deriving an earthy flavour throughout from its Cathedral crypt, and so abounding in vestiges of monastic graves, that the Cloisterham children grow small salad in the dust of abbots and abbesses, and make dirt-pies of nuns and friars; while every ploughman in its outlying fields renders to once puissant Lord Treasurers, Archbishops, Bishops, and such-like, the attention which the Ogre in the story-book desired to render to his unbidden visitor, and grinds their bones to make his bread.
But whereas traditional monks lived apart from the world behind closed doors and thick walls, new monastics are called to live out their spiritual journey and find unity with the Holy Spirit in a way that is radically incarnated in day-to-day life.
I seek to address this issue by highlighting the interpretations and actions of both lay individuals and monastics (that is, those who consider themselves initiated monks and nuns) who understand themselves as authentic Jams embodying long and rich traditions of activism.
According to Vinaya texts, Buddhist monastics are not allowed to handle money because they are required to live on alms of laity's offering, such as robes, food, medicine and bedding.
The 'wilderness' entered and apprehended by monastics, that is here revealed, was a riotous array of often uneasily coexisting interpretations, especially in the early medieval heyday of foundation narrative.
As he interviewed over thirty monastics, Carlson began to realize that one of the main concepts that Christians tended to overlook was the sacredness of every human life.
examines the types of affective bonds and shared aesthetic sensibilities that draw together groups of monastics and Buddhist laypeople in Sri Lanka.
Ivan Kauffman, a founder of the Mennonite-Catholic dialogue group Bridgefolk, offers a history of Christianity told as the story of discipleship communities, both celibate monastics and lay evangelicals.
The dwelling facilitates true monastic work: the cultivation of a self aligned with God and fellow monastics.
One Heart One Soul Many Communities preserves the essential discussions and attempts to answer fundamental questions at the annual Monastic Institute of 2006, sponsored by Saint John's University specifically to offer educational and spiritual enrichment for American monastics and everyone curious about monastic spirituality and practical implementation.
He determined to reduce the numbers of monastics by requiring strict observance of a minimum age for tonsure: 30 for men, 50 for women.
Monastics will also accept invitations to go out for Paritta chanting in the homes of supporters and offer dhamma talks when invited.
Writers who are themselves monastics, and historians alike, appear to fall prey equally to this trap, though writers on Western Christian monasticism do so more frequently than the authors of Orthodox Christian tradition and Buddhism.