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asceticism as a form of religious life

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The program is designed to give young women an encounter with new monasticism--an international movement that seeks to adapt monastic practices of prayer and common living for modern life--within the context of the more traditional monasticism practised by the SSJD, an order of Anglican nuns founded in Toronto in 1884.
As the authors explain, the new monasticism is monastic in that its central concern is a total commitment "to the development and maturation of one's spiritual life.
Alciato's main argument against monasticism is that the life of someone in the world, successfully facing temptations and struggles, is spiritually better and more meritorious than the life of one shut up in a monastery, free from such temptations and struggles.
In particular, Goehring explores how the non-Chalcedonian discourse in the White Monastery manuscripts concerning Abraham not only reflected the role of theological disputes in the end of Pachomian Monasticism, but also revealed the construction of a non-Chalcedonian identity which embraced Pachomian traditions in the Shenoutian federation.
He asserts that monasticism produced humanism, presenting as a link Petrarch's dialogue between 'Sorrow' and 'Reason'.
When you say "New Monasticism," please explain your terms.
Reform, Conflict, and the Shaping of Corporate Identities: Collected Studies on Benedictine Monasticism 1050-1150
In Silence: A Christian History MacCulloch once again leads readers through two millennia of Christian history, tracing the use of silence from the noisy Jewish scriptures through the remarkable silences of Jesus in the gospels, and then of Syrian and Egyptian monasticism in the developing church.
Kenworthy, The Heart of Russia: Trinity-Sergius, Monasticism, and Society after 1825.
The author of this book is one of the great names in the study of medieval monasticism and intellectual life, and crusading studies reflects only one aspect of his wide-ranging research interests.
Joseph, residing in Australia, has written an extensive study of Irish Monasticism as it existed from the sixth to the eighth century.
00pm) Fergal Keane explores Ireland''s cultural history, beginning with the origins of the Celtic people, detailing the impact of Christianity and monasticism, and the emergence of early literature.
Keane begins by revisiting the origins of the Celtic people, detailing the impact of Christianity and monasticism, the emergence of early literature, and the formation of law tracts that provide an insight into the day-to-day life of people nearly 1,500 years ago.
Shortly before the French Revolution and the subsequent coalition wars initiated the end of monasticism in the Holy Roman Empire, Dominikus Hagenauer was elected--supported by a campaign of Leopold Mozart--to the abbatial see of St.
Attracting the Heart is a beautiful and significant book that challenges and furthers our knowledge of Buddhist monasticism.