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Synonyms for monad

(chemistry) an atom having a valence of one

a singular metaphysical entity from which material properties are said to derive


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(biology) a single-celled microorganism (especially a flagellate protozoan)

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Since cytokinesis in the genus Passiflora is of the simultaneous type, that is, it occurs at the end of Telophase II, chromosome stickiness verified during the meiosis phases that precede cytoplasm cleavage may have caused failure in the cytokinesis process, forming triads, dyads and monads (Figure 3B-F).
It was understandable that Hills should fancy the Miralgo colt as he shared his sire with Golden Monad, but the other buy seemed more speculative.
The median distance between a population and its nearest occupied monad was significantly different (Z = -3.83, P<0.001) within Epping Forest (median distance: 1.0 km, min/max: 1.0-3.6 km) and outside it (median distance: 4.1 km, min/max: 1.0-24.8 km).
In the ongoing debate over the appropriate size and purpose of the nuclear arsenal, abolitionists--clearly in the ascendency--make six basic arguments that would ultimately lead to creation of a nuclear monad before reaching total disarmament: (5)
Leibniz continued his promotion of exchange with China and Russia as well as of Christian reconciliation, deepened (without finishing) his research on medieval sources for the Guelph history, and published several key philosophical treatises--two pamphlets on monads and the Essays on Theodicy.
Leibniz first drew attention to fact that "the monad as absolute interiority, as an inner surface with only one side, nonetheless has another side, or a minimum of outside, a strictly complementary form of Outside." This other side, however, was not "exterior to the monad, but [w]as the exterior or outside of its own interiority: a partition, a supple and adherent membrane coextensive with everything inside.
Here, he mentions in passing the monad, but plows right over it, focusing instead on historical facts about the former sorts of items.
In turn, we too become reframed standing before its mammoth dimensions, drawn into Leibniz's "windowless," self-enclosed monad of Baroque theater, emptied of all content and detached from fixed perspective.
247-49), which is plausible if the order and connection between Spinoza's modes of extension and modes of thought is the same as the pre-established harmony between a mind-like monad and its corresponding extended monad.
(11) "Indeed, each Monad must be different from every other.
As a rule, the protagonist is, in Dolezel's terms, an "epistemic monad" and always finds the conditions of his or her habitation disagreeable and uncommon.
--Of all the new products that Microsoft has made available in beta release over the past year, Monad might be the least known.
These stand her in good stead as she recalls her readers to the meaning of marriage and its significance in Catholicism; for the technological dungeon in which the disembodied monad has been cast can be escaped only by knowing and loving another person.
Leibniz is often read as being a superessentialist holding that every feature of a monad is included in its complete concept and is therefore necessary to it in every philosophically interesting sense of the term 'necessary' but one.
Like Wragg, Barry Hills is a Chester specialist and Private Charter can give the Lambourn maestro his 12th Philip Leverhulme Dee Stakes - his first being 32 years ago with Golden Monad.