moment of truth

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the moment in a bullfight when the matador kills the bull

a crucial moment on which much depends

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Moment of Truth Clue: He has 17 tattoos on his body.
On behalf of the Communication Directorate of the National Democratic Congress, I welcome you all to the maiden edition of our press series christened 'Moment of Truth', which will focus on the performance of the Akufo-Addo-led government.'
I also think that when they are restarted -- and I deliberately say when because I think they will be restarted sooner or later -- we have to move fast in order to face the moment of truth which will be in front of us.
According to data from a multifamily housing Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) survey conducted for the Property Solutions International conference in September, only 64 percent of apartment searchers claimed using an online search engine to find their apartment, while 84 percent indicated they primarily sought out the opinions, advice and recommendations from friends and family.
In its 2011 booklet, Zero Moment of Truth, Google raised some eye-opening questions about how consumers consume and marketers market.
deserved--this moment of truth, ripe with feeling, impeccably timed.
The moment of truth, when Goldilocks and Little Bear realise their connection, is on a double page spread significantly simpler in layout and colour than the rest of the story.
Describing the decisions as "historic," Kairos Palestine, a group of Palestinian Christians who authored in 2009 the document "A Moment of Truth," said, "We believe that this decision is a positive step into the right direction and we hope more countries and companies will follow this initiative."
There are four important steps at this moment of truth:
ENERGY Secretary Chris Huhne faces his moment of truth today when prosecutors reveal whether he will face charges for allegedly dodging a speeding penalty.
Ina video testimonial on the Oral-B website, Sherri Shepherd, one of the five women who host ABC's "The View," talked about what P&G calls her "powerful moment of truth," her recollection of the instant when she decided to make the switch from a manual toothbrush to power brush.
In her column Thursday, columnist Nayla Tueni of NAHAR SHABAB spoke about the "moment of truth," a reference to the approaching date of the indictments in the murder case of former Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri.
The U-Slide[TM] Bow Holder keeps your compound or recurve close at hand without getting in your way at the moment of truth. It screws into trees and the ground so it can be used by stand and blind hunters alike.
More than 100 shofar blowers gathered Wednesday at a first-of-its-kind and = somewhat ear-splitting conference for men who desperately needed to practic= e and receive their colleagues' encouragement before the moment of truth - = Sunday, when they will put the traditional ram's horn to their lips and coa= x from it the plaintive calls that form one of the most moving moments of t= he Rosh Hashanah holiday.
Summary: Rafael Nadal faces his moment of truth when he is forced to decide whether he is able to defend his Wimbledon title.