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a polyvalent metallic element that resembles chromium and tungsten in its properties

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The list included rhenium, which is most cost-effectively produced as a byproduct of molybdenum processing.
China Molybdenum is listed on the Hong Kong and Shanghai stock exchanges and is primarily engaged in the mining, smelting, and downstream processing of tungsten and molybdenum and export of molybdenum, tungsten, and chemical products.
9m pounds of molybdenum, up 23% and 96%, respectively, over the corresponding period in 2013.
Molybdenum is one of the heavy metals of which its pollution is reported globally (Davis 1991).
Has the largest reserve of molybdenum and second largest reserve of tungsten in China as well as abundant gold and silver resources
Health care practitioners worry more about miners exposed to molybdenum dust on a daily basis than they do about everyday folks with occasional and incidental exposure via cookware and ingested foods.
The properties of metallic molybdenum essential for deformation and service are produced by remelting into ingots.
Molybdenum production remained low as a result of continuing low molybdenum grades in fresh tailings, a phenomenon which appears to be common in the industry as other copper-molybdenum operators reduce molybdenum production in response to the low molybdenum price.
The program is designed to determine the depth and width of the molybdenum showing discovered in a roadcut of Highway 502 last year.
High concentrations of cobalt, chromium and molybdenum were detected compared to the wide scan.
A NIST researcher and a guest researcher from South Korea, have succeeded in making the first two- and three-junction stacks using molybdenum di-silicide as the normal metal and niobium as the superconductor.
The molybdenum disulfide tubes, each less than 1 nanometer (nm) in diameter, could eventually become components of novel materials, electronic devices, and batteries, say the scientists.
Fillers in these formulations can include copper, nickel, zinc, aluminum or non-metallic materials such as graphite, calcium fluoride molybdenum disulfide, calcium hydroxide, zinc oxide or calcium oxide.
The facility is the sole North American supplier of the element molybdenum, used widely in nuclear medicine.
Compounders that haven't actively considered alternative flame-retardant synergists since the last time antimony experienced unstable market conditions are reacquainting themselves with the likes of zinc borate and other zinc compounds, as well as compounds of molybdenum and tin.