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a mineral resembling graphite that is valued as the chief source of molybdenum and its compounds

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From 206 meters to 210 meters, the hole intersected a hydrothermal quartz breccia, with chalcopyrite, chalcocite, molybdenite and tourmaline, carrying anomalous values of Cu, Mo, As, Sb and Pb.
023%), which is hosted in molybdenite and Mo-rich scheelite (molybdo-scheelite).
Then followed the deposition of siderite at a pH over 7 and a temperature of 290[degrees] to 340[degrees] C, after which came molybdenite and rutile.
Highly precise Re-Os dating for molybdenite using alkaline fusion and NTIMS // Talanta.
Also in Chile the design has been used for testing molybdenite recovery at Chuquiquamata.
processes molybdenite concentrates to make a variety of products.
The mineralisation is also associated with pyrite, chalcopyrite, galena and molybdenite.
The spodumene-bearing dykes present a similar mineralogy to that of their Quebec Lithium counterparts: quartz, feldspar, spodumene, biotite-muscovite, with accessory pink-yellow garnet, colombo-tantalite and molybdenite.
Molybdenum and copper mineralization occurs in these intrusions in veinlets and as disseminations with coarse molybdenite and chalcopyrite.
The Molybdenum is found as the mineral Molybdenite, mostly on fractures and in veins.
Re-Os molybdenite chronology from the Milpillas orebody gives an age of 63.
Haskin molybdenite property near Cassiar in Northern British Columbia, Canada for 2008, and has announced assays from the drill holes.
The company also produces a range of 'Flotation Oils': ORFOM[R] MCO is a non-polar collector which is highly effective for molybdenite, as is MOLYFO[R] Flotation Oil, while PHILFLO[R] Flotation Oil is a non-polar extender for use in phosphate and potash flotation.
The veins are comprised of quartz-sericite-pyrite+/- chalcopyrite+/- molybdenite All subsequent drill holes at Beruang Tengah will be directed at locating the potential high grade portions of this porphyry system.