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In this context, this study aimed to i) identify the species associated with Fragaria x ananassa in rural properties in municipalities of Parana State, Brazil; ii) describe and illustrate the diagnostic morphological and conchology features of mollusk species; iii) construct an illustrated key based on these morphological and conchological features; and iv) analyze two species collected in March 2017 to investigate the possible occurrence of parasitic nematodes of medical importance.
The role of different mollusk species in maintaining the transmission of polyhostal Trematode species in Ukrainian Polissya waters: the specificity of Trematode parthenogenetic generations to mollusk hosts.
Rosales, project staff, it is possible that the team found the tiniest snail in the world from the unidentified species of micro mollusks.
In addition, we thank the Bolivar Beachcomber's group for assistance in the identification of several mollusk species.
hislopii for the control of schistosomiasis vector mollusk in restricted lentic habitats [5, 6].
Although Unionicola mollusk mites have been traditionally recognized as parasites, there is little known about the nutritional dependence of these mites on their hosts or the impact that unionicolids may have on the hosts with which they are associated.
To generate these discoveries, a research partnership called the Philippine Mollusk Symbiont International Cooperative Biodiversity Group was formed.
The relic in question is not the Holy Grail, supposedly toted to Britain by Joseph of Arimathea 6 it's the fossil of an ancient mollusk called
Considering the group as a whole while noting variation, they cover biology; distribution, dispersal potential, and dispersal mechanisms; using physiological and ecological requirements and environmental tolerances for assessing risk of invasion; searching, finding, and interpreting to monitor; impacts of macro-foulers on man-made structures; ecological, socio-economic, and beneficial impacts of aquatic invasive mollusks; weapons of mollusk destruction; domination by chlorination; and mitigating aquatic invasive gastropods.
The mollusk, which thrives along the inshore waters of the Dhofar coast in the far south of the sultanate, sells for as much as 60 Omani riyals (Dh572) per kilo when dried and exported to international markets.
By comparing shells of another mollusk, the clam, they see how different shelled animals have different characteristics.
Foster, a specialist in Alaska mollusk taxonomy and the coordinator of the aquatic collection at the University of Alaska Museum in Fairbanks.