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The Ecology of Freshwater Molluscs does not really present much about the methods used in molluscan ecology.
Of the 54, a total of 48 (89%) had eaten molluscan shellfish before becoming ill; 42 (88%) reported eating oysters.
Unusually well-preserved Lampsilis luteolus and molluscan fauna in posthypsothermal sediments* Compass, 41: 149-155.
using stomach content analyses from adult crabs captured in the field, as well as mesocosm feeding experiments to discern molluscan prey choices.
Nearly all of these species belong to Indo-Pacific molluscan species.
We here report on molluscan taxa collected during fieldwork in the Eastern Congo in 2010 and comment on habitat characteristics as well as on species distributions.
This paper describes the regulations enacted to conserve the molluscan stocks because they were being harvested in increasingly larger quantities as time passed, and the development of the Massachusetts shellfish officer service (Table 1) (Fig.
Molluscan presence was significantly correlated with the presence of fish and Crustaceans (Spearman, N=20, p<0.
This volume presents a thorough and knowledgeable description of the history and practice of sub-fossil molluscan analysis of the British Isles.
The use of clean water for irrigation of crops that are likely to be eaten raw and cultivation of molluscan shellfish in sewage-free seawater are also essential to prevent viral contamination of food.
The beds in this area contain a gastropod-rich molluscan fauna (the Barker's Ranch Fauna) that serves as a standard of reference for the Miocene provisional mega-invertebrate "Temblor Stage" of Addicott (1972).
Oysters, clams, and mussels are considered aquaculture species because of the amount of management that goes into maintaining productive molluscan shellfish beds.
One part of the programme is focused on controls designed to discover the microbiological quality of cooked crustaceans and molluscan shellfish so as to promote consumer protection and gather information about the prevalence of pathogenic and indicator micro-organisms in these products,.
We have previously conducted experiments linking environmental exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) with changes in molluscan p53 gene family members (13).