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"He was absolutely lovely and couldn't have been any nicer to Mollie or to us."
"For that, I will always be incredible grateful which is why in a week's time I will be jumping out of a plane with Mollie."
The theft from a paddock at Mollie's home in Eastern Green is especially cruel as 16 of the hens were ill.
SUCCESS is sweet for six-year-old Mollie Price after the tiny tycoon opened her third sweet shop.
Life was exuberant for young Mollie; she was adored and safe; she was the favored bairn and had a special place "in the sun".
Summary: Footage of Saturdays star Mollie King auditioning for The X Factor has surfaced.
My wife, Mollie, and I had just returned from a supply run to the nearest northwest Colorado town when Pete and his friend Tony approached me.
When sports student Mollie Pearse went to Zambia to teach athletics to children with special needs, she had no idea that two of her students would go on to win silver medals at the international Special Olympics in China.
In an unusual move for a retailer, San Francisco-based independent Mollie Stone's Markets recently made the decision to remove all tobacco products from the shelves of its eight Bay Area supermarkets.
Mollie Flynn and Annabel Lee live their lives on the streets of New York in the early 1880s.