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small Peruvian evergreen with broad rounded head and slender pendant branches with attractive clusters of greenish flowers followed by clusters of rose-pink fruits

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"The president of Thunderbird told me we need partners that like to take risks--including financial risk," said Molle. "Many traditional institutions can't do that." For schools like Molle's, though, the choice is between taking risks and finding themselves left behind.
The MOLLE is a nylon mesh vest, with removable pockets to accommodate different carrying needs of combat soldiers, including riflemen, grenadiers, squad assault weapon gunners or medics, he said.
All the Land Warrior components fit onto the MOLLE system.
The pepper tree (Schinus molle, Anacardiaceae), praised by Garibay and known locally as molle, has spread far and wide.
But, judging from this performance by The Audience - Sophie, bassist Kerin Smith, drummer Patch Hannon, guitarist Dean Molle, songwriter and guitarist Billy Reeves and keyboard player Nyge Butler - chart success shouldn't be too far off.
Publication of his first naturalist novel, Chair molle (1885; "Soft Flesh"), led to his being prosecuted; his second, Le The chez Miranda (1886; "Tea at Miranda's"), written with Jean Moreas, is an early example of Symbolism.
Outer top and bottom pockets provide storage for personal stuff and attachment of MOLLE accessories.
Molle, she probably would have never met the Guardians.
Additionally, Propper has supplied the military with over a million MOLLE bags, pouches and accessories, and hundreds of thousands of three-season sleep systems, ILBE packs and other items.
Pack the AR-15 tool in its included handy sheath (MOLLE compatible); the extra bits are stored in the sheath, too.
The Liberty GunPack is discreet and durable, and it features a unique attachment system that allows it to be worn on the belt or affixed to a MOLLE platform.