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someone who subjects others to unwanted or improper sexual activities

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Jaipur (Rajasthan) [India] February 22 ( ANI ): A man died after he was beaten up by the mob in suspicion of being a child molester.
The molesters had threatened me of dire consequences if I or my cousin narrated the incident to anyone,' the affected boy claimed.
We suggest Mr Bennell is a child molester on an industrial scale and that's why he went to these lengths to get so many lads round to his house.
The child molester was nabbed by area residents near Sindhi hotel of New Karachi, and handed over to police, following a search conducted by them over the complaints of girl's cart-vendor father from resident of Khameeso Goth , from a nearby vacant plot alongwith the 8-year girl.
Summary: Fifty per cent of the molesters of children are family members or those close to their families, Major Arif Ali bin Shebu and Captain Nasser Abdul-Aziz Al Khajah from the Dubai Police's Criminal Investigation Department said in a lecture here on Tuesday.
In our interview, Andrist described a relationship with his molester that began when the man - who had met Andrist's father when they both were patients in a veterans hospital in the San Francisco Bay Area - invited him to help him produce videos.
You could perhaps understand the story of one child molester not getting much coverage, but when it's reported that other molesters fled Australia more recently after community leaders again failed to report them it becomes newsworthy to many.
During the raid on his home his room mate - another convicted child molester - was also arrested.
The officer was shunned at roll call and referred to as a "rat," posters that mocked him were displayed throughout the facility, including one that accused him of being a child molester.
I read with jaw-dropping shock that an accused child molester is being hailed as a modern-day Galileo or Copernicus in the pages of this magazine.
Louis Archdiocese and around our nation seem to have been trained, beginning in seminary, to believe that criminal sexual molestation of children was acceptable and perhaps even encouraged behavior and that should they ever be accused of such deviancy they would be protected with every parishioner dollar their molester / treasurer could muster.
Update, June 2004: Rodriguez is exposed by the Dallas Morning News as having sheltered a priest who is an admitted child molester.
If you were a child molester would you ever admit that you had sleepovers with children?
DEVIANT PATHS Researchers agree that no one becomes a rapist or a child molester without earlier influences.
The first two states have already put Death for Molesters into their statute books, and when Alabama lawmakers convene again next year they will press forward into legislation, after an overwhelming vote from the state's House of Representatives last year in favor of molester executions.