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a mound of earth made by moles while burrowing

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He was busy spreading the soil from molehills with a cane-like stick and he sang the praises of the moles for excavating such splendid soil!
But then eight-year-old visitor Thea Baker, from Gateshead, noticed an object on a molehill in front of Wallington Hall.
"Chicago Med" Season 3 is returning to NBC with the midseason premiere episode, "Mountains and Molehills," on Tuesday, Jan.
'[I am] saddened at how things have unfolded, how mountains have been made out of molehills and how Pakistan has been damaged over political games.'
Rude architect rich instincts natural taste Is thine by heritage--thy little mounds Bedecking furze clad heath & rushy waste Betraced with sheeptracks shine like pleasure grounds No rude inellegance thy work confounds But scenes of picturesque & beautiful Lye mid thy little hills of cushioned thyme On which the cow boy when his hands are full Of wild flowers leans upon his arm at rest As though his seat were feathers--when I climb Thy fragrant mounds I feel thy guest & hail neglect thy patron who contrives Waste spots for the[e] on natures quiet breast & taste loves best where thy still labour thrives (MP 4:294-95, 1-14) The speaker apostrophizes the mole, which, due to its underground existence, can only be discerned through its molehills, the marks of its labor.
Propped up by a molehill for a tee, he then slots the ball between the posts - or more accurately, over a tractor.
"50 molehills is 50 square feet they have to buy in, which impacts on the price we're paying for food, not to mention the bacteria in the soil.
Mole droppings are toxic and gardeners hate molehills. Rob Eckton, of Pestforce Oxfordshire, said he has been setting more traps than last year and that mild, wet weather had led to a change in the animals' breeding habits.
They must know that some things are and will always be molehills although for political reasons, some will attempt to show that these are in fact mountains.
In contrast, Malick and Gemma's dilemmas - how to tell his son he's gay, and whether or not to quit Holby - are tiny molehills compared to the mountain facing Tara.
While the media is busy making mountains out of molehills, we tend to ignore how a combination of factors, including disasters, development projects, environmental changes, resource depletion, shortages and economic stresses increase the vulnerabilities of local communities.
This was Britain's Weirdest Phobias, another example of ITV making mountains out of molehills.
They make such mountains out of molehills. I've had some really difficult times in my own life that I won't go into but I've managed to overcome them.
But as the earthworm-loving mole spends virtually all of its time underground the only way to effectively map them is to count molehills.
Some of Scotland's best-known estates - including Balmoral and Scone Palace, near Perth - have been scarred by molehills as the pesky creatures run riot.