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relating to simple or elementary organization

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Bryden understandably examines Beckett's female characters according to the phases of his work that they occupy: early prose, where female biology is depicted much more aggressively and women are portrayed as corporeal succubi, and then later drama and prose where men and women appear to have been released from a preoccupation with carnal urges, sometimes by virtue of age and decrepitude, or by a detachment from concrete reality Bryden devotes a chapter to "The Mother", that Beckettian archetype par excellence, but her primary concern is with arguing that Beckett is engaged in a progressive "experimentation in the area of gender molecularity" (p.
Time and temperature affect viscoelasticity and other material properties (and in this particular case example the molecularity of the reaction order, as will be presented later), only through the product of [a.sub.T] and actual time.
It is known that codeine opioid molecularity is considered different in the opioid group, since it promotes greater concentration of effects on ionic membrane mechanisms and less dependency.
(The artist has described the "molecularity" of space.) A profusion of meticulously drawn marks seem etched into the light and form a continuum of perceptions within the cosmos, sectioning the changing illumination into regions that subtly, intimately overlap one another.
(64) These are both fascinating collections, which like the already-existing works by single authors, mostly present a consistent and convincing picture of what is at stake in a 'Deleuzian politics', in particular paying a good deal of attention to the conceptual distinctions between minority and majority, and molarity and molecularity, which organise some of the key arguments of A Thousand Plateaus.
Atmospheric effects such as mist and fog in The Fog, The Others (Alejandro Amenabar, 2001) and the grainy blur in The Blair Witch Project (Daniel Meyrick and Eduardo Sanchez, 1999) can be explored via molecularity and gaseous perception.
Some of the research areas include: the use of DNA to position functional components, such as transition metals and nanoparticles into 2D- and 3D-structures, the design of DNA nanocages to serve as biological host molecules, the use of metal complexes to stabilize DNA structures of expanded molecularity for antitumor therapies and the creation of DNA-mimetic polymers.
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