molecular weight

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(chemistry) the sum of the relative atomic masses of the constituent atoms of a molecule

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In addition, the induction time increases with increasing molecular weight in the early stage of crystallization.
However, this assumption is not valid for highly entangled polymers for which the transition between the newtonian behavior and the shear thinning behavior depends on the molecular weight and on the distribution of the molecular weight.
The report provides detailed competitive outlook, which includes the market share and profiles of key players operating in the medium molecular weight polyisobutylene market.
January 1 Low molecular weight heparin at preventive use faible18.
Leininger and Tian achieved high molecular weights by heating a polyester to form a melt, and applying and maintaining a vacuum of between 5 mm and 85 mm of mercury to the melt while passing nitrogen gas through the melt until molecular weight has increased to the desired level.
The intensity ratio near the surface increased with increasing molecular weight and reduced more significantly owing to the weld-line.
Epolene low molecular weight polyethylene and polypropylene waxes are based on a proprietary high pressure, free radical technology that directly creates low molecular weight polyethylene products that perform as internal lubricants/process aids and external mold release agents in various polymeric systems.
Bonded polymers have very low molecular weight and wider distribution compared to the similar unbounded ones.
Scientists at Purdue University set out to confirm the presence of high molecular weight plasminogen molecules in milk and to see if other forms are present in milk at even higher molecular weights.
The web features a solid matrix including an ultrahigh molecular weight polyolefin component and a friable, highly dispersing, precipitated silica component.
The influence of molecular weight distribution and branching on the relaxation behaviour of uncrosslinked natural rubber.
Fractionation technology from Digilab Biovision GmbH, Hanover, Germany, was adopted for the isolation of low molecular weight peptides (typically <15,000 Da) from human plasma ultrafiltrate.
Specifically, the two partners have confirmed that high-molecular-weight fucoidan in Kjellmaniella crassifolia, which has an average molecular weight of 200,000, can inhibit the clot formation.
A new family of materials is said to allow production of new types of acrylic or styrenic block copolymers, as well as improved versions of existing copolymers with tighter control of molecular weight and sequencing of monomer units.
5 cm cubes of orthopedic-grade ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene that are well suited for measurements of cross-link density by a new ASTM International swell-test method, has been issued.
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