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a chemical formula based on analysis and molecular weight

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The mass spectra of compound 19a showed molecular ion peak at m/z (302) which is in agreement with its molecular formula ([C.sub.19][H.sub.14][N.sub.2]S), Scheme 6.
Compound 2 was obtained as white solid and the molecular formula was elucidated as C 17 H 16 O 4 from the molecular ion peak at m/z 284 [M] + .
These two web-based software's have the capacity to calculate the molecular formula molecular weight number of hydrogen bond acceptor (HBA) number of hydrogen bond donor (HBD) molecular polar surface area (MolPSA) MolLogP MolLogS and MolVol.
HYALURONIC ACID (HA)--also called hyaluronan or hyaluronate--is an anionic, nonsulfated polymer of disaccharides with a molecular formula of (C14H21N011)n.
The molecular formula of the compound was deduced to be [C.sub.10][H.sub.10][O.sub.3].
The typical entry, titled according to international nonproprietary name, opens by listing chemical name, Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Code, major uses, Chemical Abstracts Service numbers, molecular formula (using the Hill System), and weight.
To facilitate molecular formula analysis, Bruker Daltonics has developed the generate molecular formula (GMF) tool within its DataAnalysis software package.
It has the molecular formula [C.sub.10][H.sub.9]N, the same as its isomer lepidine, the plural of which is shown in Web 3.
Fields continuously updated in the database include development phase, company codes, generic and brand names, CAS Registry number, corporate or other sources, licensees, pharmacological activity, chemical name, molecular formula, and literature references (authors, titles, and publications).
For each entry the following data are provided when available: the DPIM code, hazard rating, entry name; CAS number; DOT identification number; molecular formula; molecular weight; line structural formula; a description of the material and physical properties; and synonyms.
These results suggest some patients may respond better than others to dextran sulfate, whose molecular formula and concentration are critical, Resnick says.
[ClickPress, Wed Mar 20 2019] Phthalic anhydride is a significant organic compound in the chemical industry, whose molecular formula is C6H4 (CO) 2O.
The molecular formula, solubility, physical character and TLC were determined.
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