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relating to simple or elementary organization

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A distinct clinicopathologic and molecular disease entity.
At the core of each Commons is a molecular disease model (MDM).
Sickle cell anemia, a molecular disease. Science, 210, 5,43-5,48.
The scientists anticipate that the combined use of PAT and GNB will be able to further pinpoint precise molecular disease markers.
Hemoglobinopathies are the archetypal molecular disease, and from 1949, when Linus Pauling et al.
"A large number of human diseases are mimicked in the tat model, and having the genome sequence lets us easily walk between what we understand in the physiology and biology in the rat, and translate that to a better understanding of human biology, and disease processes," says Susan Old, associate director of the Clinical and Molecular Disease Program in the NHLBI Division of Heart and Vascular Diseases and a project officer for the sequencing initiative.
Jr., chief of the molecular disease branch of the NHLBI, highlighted the role of HDL as an exciting new treatment opportunity for cardiovascular disease.
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