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the branch of biology that studies the structure and activity of macromolecules essential to life (and especially with their genetic role)

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The forum brings together around 500 leading biologists and biomedical engineers, including professors and their trainees from the academic, clinical and pharmaceutical fields to showcase their latest research, highlight the use of innovative and emerging technologies, and encourage interactions and new interdisciplinary collaborations in the field of molecular biology.
The deal termination will allow the companies to separately pursue development in molecular biology, as well as will enable bioMerieux to focus on its R&D and S&M resources and investments on other molecular biology programmes.
With 156,000 sq ft of space, the Molecular Biology Center of Excellence houses around 400 research, laboratory and manufacturing personnel and it has room for future expansion.
It contains Web addresses of databases and software useful for DNA and protein sequence analyses as well as a glossary of molecular biology terms that many will find useful.
ISMB-2000--San Diego, California Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology Edited by Russ Altman, Timothy Bailey, Philip Bourne, Michael Gribskov, Thomas Lengauer, Ilya Shindyalov, Lynn Ten Eyck, and Helge Weissig ISBN 1-57735-115-0 436 pp.
Based on a unique combination of advanced mathematics, computer science and molecular biology, Compugen develops proprietary comprehensive platforms to improve and accelerate life science research.
When the Rockefeller Foundation decided to support the emerging discipline of molecular biology as part of its "Science of Man" program in the early 1930s, Caltech appeared as an obvious institutional focus because of its tradition of inter-disciplinary cooperative research.
com/research/52935f/fundamental_molecu) has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd's new book "Fundamental Molecular Biology, 2nd Edition" to their offering.
The ten extended articles here follow suit in their descriptions of research in foot-and-mouth disease viruses, the molecular biology of pestiviruses, arteriviruses, coronavirus replication and interaction with the host, hendra and nipah virus, the molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis and host range in avian influenza, molecular dissection of the bluetongue virus, molecular biology of porcine circoviruses, molecular biology of animal herpesviruses, and the African swine fever virus.
In part because of advances in molecular biology, more than 10 new rickettsial diseases, several ehrlichial diseases, and novel agents of Borrelia and Babesia genera have been recognized.
Noncoding RNAs: Molecular Biology and Molecular Medicine
Amersham Pharmacia Biotech and the journal Science created this prestigious award to honor outstanding graduate students in molecular biology.
Students worked quietly Wednesday during a molecular biology lab - learning techniques developed not so long ago in some of the finest university laboratories in the state.
These mathematical terms would appear to have little to do with molecular biology.
New Market Research Reports Reveal Key Indicators in Molecular Biology Reagent Markets
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