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a biologist who studies the structure and activity of macromolecules essential to life

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David Lambeth, a molecular biologist at Emory University School of Medicine, who wrote a commentary on the study for the same journal.
The new member of the LabChip family, which is designed for the Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer, allows molecular biologists to analyze PCR products and small restriction digests with the speed and precision that only LabChip technology, developed by Caliper Technologies, can offer.
Speculations along these lines have already been voiced by molecular biologists. A specialist in tropical diseases said to me, "I think it's a terrifying possibility.
Rather than coding for a protein, as about half of known genes do, the newly discovered gene regulates the assembly of an RNA molecule that ultimately affects cell migration to critical brain areas before birth, reports a team led by molecular biologist David Haussler of the University of California, Santa Cruz.
That has made TB harder to control, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, says Ann Ginsburg, a pathologist and molecular biologist at the Global Alliance for TB Drug Development, a New York City-based nonprofit group that manages public-private research projects.
It's a highly efficient system, says molecular biologist David D.
The statins' cardiac benefits derive from their ability to activate biochemical processes that rescue heart tissues starved of blood during a heart attack, according to Kenneth Walsh, a molecular biologist at Boston University School of Medicine, who didn't participate in the new study.
However, weeds exposed to the same herbicide, season after season, are more apt to develop chemical resistance than are weeds treated with alternating herbicides, says molecular biologist Sharon L.
Erythropoiefin triggers production of an enzyme, copper-zinc superoxide dismutase, that fights damage to those cells from oxygen, says molecular biologist Tongrong He of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.
"I think [phages] are a factor, but I don't think they are the silver bullet that explains the biological cycle of cholera," says Rita Colwell, a molecular biologist at the University of Maryland at College Park and the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore.
When mixed with cells from human head and neck cancers, curcumin stopped proliferation and induced cell suicide, or apoptosis, in the malignant cells, says study coauthor Yasunari Takada, a molecular biologist at M.D.
George Oster, a molecular biologist at the University of California, Berkeley, describes the findings as "very interesting.: However, he offers another scenario to explain the vibration.
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