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relating to simple or elementary organization

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Retrospective studies have shown that molecular signatures have identified subgroups of patients whose tumors are histopathologically the same but who have different clinical outcomes.
Just as a photographer has to use a shutter speed of one-thousandth of a second or less to snap clear pictures of a sprinter moving at 10 meters per second, chemists seeking clear "pictures" of fleeting molecular rotations and oscillations must use light pulses that are shorter than the time required for the motions, Smith explains.
Molecular Insight plans to develop Onalta as a treatment for metastatic pancreatic neuroendocrine and carcinoid tumors in patients whose symptoms are not controlled by current somatostatin analogue therapy.
Starting with molecular building blocks of their own design, the researchers are learning to precisely and rationally control how these blocks organize into crystal structures and macroscopic solid materials.
Molecular Insight plans to develop Solazed initially for patients with advanced disease.
imaging excised tissue using protocols similar to those used in vivo; correlation of molecular imaging results with microarray library analyses).
Living systems provide organiz chemists with a number of intriguing examples of molecular behavior,' says Julius Rebek Jr.
Heritage in Genomic Profiling and Molecular Medicine Tightly Linked with VisEn's Molecular Imaging Technology Platforms and Development Programs
The motivation for this program announcement (PA) is that current technologies for the molecular analysis of disease are largely restricted to in vitro methods and need to be extended to the in vivo situation.
In 1965 Emile Zuckerkandl and LinusPauling, both then at the California Institute of Technology, proposed that proteins coudl serve as molecular clocks that measure the evolutionary distance between different species.
The Molecular survey is consistent with findings of recent research published separately by Yahoo
Unlike traditional in vitro diagnostics, whose role is largely confined to diagnosis and monitoring of a restricted range of diseases, molecular diagnostics are establishing themselves as effective tools for all aspects of disease management, especially in areas of unmet clinical need.
The division has considerable research expertise in chemical carcinogenesis, molecular epidemiology, metal toxicology, community-based research, and air quality and respiratory disorders.
com/reports/c45678) has announced the addition of "From Structure to Function: In Vivo Molecular Imaging" to their offering.
At Molecular, many of our clients have been asking about personas, but few understand how to effectively create and use them to engage customers more profitably," said Steve Mulder.