mole rat

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Synonyms for mole rat

African rodent resembling a mole in habits and appearance

furry short-limbed tailless rodent resembling a true mole in habits and appearance

burrowing scaly-tailed rat of India and Ceylon

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2014: The impact of the lesser blind mole rat [Nannospalax (superspecies leucodon)] on the species composition and diversity of a loess steppe in Hungary.
The two scientists found that naked mole rat cells stop growing when the cells start to crowd each other.
Further, the paca [7], Patagonian cavy [23], and blind mole rat [9] present a pair of parallel papillae, whereas the flying squirrel has three papillae [16].
While they may not appreciate the crack about beauty contests, naked mole rats have carved out a reputation for healthy living.
After identifying HMW-HA as the culprit, the researchers examined its role in the cancer resistance of naked mole rats. Removing HMW-HA from naked mole rat tissue cultures made the tissue susceptible to tumor growth.
Dr Joao Pedro Magalhaes, from the Institute of Integrative Biology, said: "The naked mole rat has fascinated scientists for many years, but it was not until a few years ago we discovered it could live for such a long period of time.
Unlocking the mystery of the naked mole rat's DNA will help scientists understand why cancers develop and spread and help them better understand the aging process and the complications that come with growing old.
Oddly by Joyce Dunbar and Patrick Benson, (Walker Books, pounds 11.99) Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed by Mo Willems ((Walker Books, pounds 5.99) A VERY strange tale of three unusual creatures - Lostlet, Strangelet and Oddlet - who meet
CREATURE FEATURES BRING LATEST Our queen naked mole rat, who weighed in at 54g, has been called Malkia, which means 'queen' in Swahili and the other female, 39g, has been named Nzuri, meaning 'beautiful'.
Unlike iPSCs from other animal species, tumors did not form when mole rat iPSCs were inserted into the testes of mice with extremely weak immune systems.
He goes on to describe certain animals that never get cancer, including the naked mole rat, the blind mole rat, and a mouse discovered in 1999 that has an autosomal dominant mutation rendering it impervious to cancer.
What's different about a mole rat? That is the sort of costly, open-ended question Calico can afford to ask.
(1994b) assumed that chromosomal speciation and adaptive radiation of mole rats in Asia Minor and the Middle East are correlated to increased ecological stress, and that this correlation can be generalized in all members of the extant blind mole rat taxa.