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Synonyms for moldy

smelling of mildew or decay

Synonyms for moldy

covered with or smelling of mold


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Regarding the use of employees' feet to press suan cai, the owner admitted that this had been done on one occasion when there was excessive fluid, but later backtracked and said that they, "absolutely never made employees use their feet." The management claimed that the dougan had become moldy because it had not been kept in a freezer, and that the expired ingredients were not being used in meals being served in the restaurant.
In 2014, reports of musty and moldy smells were included in the HVS for the first time.
"Despite our incomplete understanding of how health problems develop in damp or moldy buildings, there is sufficient scientific evidence linking mold exposure with the adverse effects described above to recommend that people not live or work in buildings with visible mold growth or persistent moldy odor."
McNeil Consumer Healthcare is expanding its recall of several over-the-counter medications following an investigation into complaints that some products had a moldy smell and caused temporary GI symptoms.
The fungus is transmitted to waterfowl through moldy grain, like breads and livestock feed.
It features anti-folk artist Kimya Dawson or her band the Moldy Peaches on nine of its 19 songs.
According to Allen, some ancient Egyptian doctors recommended putting moldy bread on wounds, which suggests that they had stumbled onto the principle behind penicillin--an antibiotic derived from a type of mold.
* Clear out old stored papers and fabrics that can become moldy.
Apartment management was found to have failed to follow industry guidelines in the cleaning of the damp and moldy condition.
These include hand sorting peanuts and discarding visibly moldy or damaged ones; sun drying the peanuts on fiber mats rather than directly on the ground to reduce contact with ground moisture; storing peanuts in sacks made from breathable natural fibers rather than moisture-retaining plastic; storing the sacks on wooden pallets to avoid contact with the ground; and treating the ground beneath the pallets with insecticide.
"Trading Fours With the Moldy Figs" has a musical "Bigbad Wolf" trading notes with an old-time New Orleans jazz band.
What is the relationship between moldy corn and a movie?
Moldy walls and peeling plaster greet dancers warming up in the practice rooms.