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Synonyms for moulding

a decorative recessed or relieved surface on an edge

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sculpture produced by molding

a preliminary sculpture in wax or clay from which a finished work can be copied

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Compression molding, transfer molding and injection molding are common molding ways for silicone rubbers.
About 70% of those in the field are SB series suction blow molding (SBM) units that use directed air to guide parisons into a segmented mold cavity before blowing.
CPI practices and licenses technology for its "direct-feed thermoplastic" (DFT) process for compression molding.
Multi-shot processes such as overmolding can drive down part costs by squeezing what would otherwise have been two distinct molding jobs plus an assembly operation into a single manufacturing step.
You'll also have the opportunity to view in person recently introduced machines (previously reported in this magazine) for multi-component molding, liquid silicone rubber, and low-pressure molding.
It helps the tool designer verify that the chosen processing window, polymer, gate positions, and part geometry will give desired molding dimensions.
Two amide types are Armostat 2500, a similar product for non-food-contact uses; and Armostat 2000 and 2004 for PP and PE injection molding and film.
Advanced structural thermoset and thermoplastic composites, large-part blow molding, and gas-assisted and lost-core injection molding techniques are the emerging automotive processing methods that have gripped the attention of materials and machinery suppliers, as well as car makers, in the last few years.
LSR, PVC, thermoset, elastomer, insert, PIM, micro-molding, and ceramic molding versions.
Semi-permanent mold releasants require a short cure time (a ten minute cure at the rubber molding temperature is usually sufficient), during which the carrier evaporates and the release polymers bond to the mold and crosslink to form a thin, uniform release film.
Injection capacity: 0.33 to 1.4 oz Applications: Micromolding, insert Molding
Four milestones marking the development of gas-assist molding started in 1971 with a patent application filed by German inventor Ernest Mohrbach.
The major applications include many different automotive items such as exterior body parts, body side molding, air ducts and industrial goods.