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Synonyms for moulding

a decorative recessed or relieved surface on an edge

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sculpture produced by molding

a preliminary sculpture in wax or clay from which a finished work can be copied

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Compression molding, transfer molding and injection molding are common molding ways for silicone rubbers.
In 1976, Union Carbide filed for a patent on a new "web" molding process that injected gas to hollow out substantially all of a part and leave only a random pattern of supporting ribs between two skins.
Figure 1 follows the cavity pressure profile over time during the molding process.
About 70% of those in the field are SB series suction blow molding (SBM) units that use directed air to guide parisons into a segmented mold cavity before blowing.
He says there is a general perception that gas-assist molding is mainly applicable to large or thick-section parts.
The most common method of molding polypropylene reinforced with long-glass fiber is to use precompounded 0.
As molding evolved over the last decade to include more specialized and sophisticated parts, it also became subject to increasingly stringent manufacturing requirements for cost, quality, productivity, and speed.
A collection of several different techniques, multi-component molding offers the ability to combine different materials or colors in a single one-shot or multi-shot process.
You'll also have the opportunity to view in person recently introduced machines (previously reported in this magazine) for multi-component molding, liquid silicone rubber, and low-pressure molding.
It helps the tool designer verify that the chosen processing window, polymer, gate positions, and part geometry will give desired molding dimensions.
Polarite 490FW and 494FB are calcium carbonate-based, low-profile additives that reportedly provide zero-shrink moldings in SMC.
While he cites no specific research program or OEM partnership, McGill says applications development at the Center will concentrate on complex-geometry, under-hood tubular parts, manifolds, bumpers, side moldings, and fuel-intake pipes.
This can have the added virtue of virtually "erasing" the weak weld lines that can plague LCP moldings.