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Synonyms for molding

the act of creating something by casting it in a mold

a decorative recessed or relieved surface on an edge

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sculpture produced by molding

a preliminary sculpture in wax or clay from which a finished work can be copied

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Data from the molding cycle is sent wirelessly in real time to the K-paq receiver and to a computer for display.
At the Do-It Center in Valencia, salesman Adrian Loenzana has also been selling more molding than usual this year, and says chair rails are his best sellers, owners of new homes his best customers.
Thermoplastic injection molding, gas-assisted injection molding, injection-compression molding, and co-injection molding can be completely simulated from filling and packing to shrinkage and warpage using the C-MOLD 2000 interface.
Applications: Solenoid encapsulation, rubber molding, pharmaceutical Features: Electrically heated platens, digital temperature control, PLC controls.
External release sprays act similar to internal release aids, but are applied directly onto the mold surface prior to molding the part.
Specializes in runnerless molding systems, automatic unscrewing and multi-action molds.
Meanwhile, a green sand automatic matchplate molding line was significantly under utilized.
Blow molds for injection blow, reheat blow, and products up to 750-gal capacity for extrusion blow molding.
Oscar Dobkin, Consultant Extrusion & Molding Consultants Holden Polymer Consulting, Inc.
Recognized as one of the "best" green sand matchplate molding operations in North America in the August 2003 MODERN CASTING, this 70-employee, aluminum foundry in Littlestown, Pennsylvania, recently installed two new molding systems that included two new Indexing Mold Handling Systems from Summit Foundry Systems, Inc.
C-MOLD started in 1986 as a commercial technology venture transferring research from Cornell University's Cornell Injection Molding Program (CIMP) to the global marketplace.
Products reportedly speed up molding and extrusion, and give a smooth surface, high gloss, and close conformity to mold details.
This introductory course on rubber molding will provide an integrated perspective of the molding of rubber.
In order to highlight the very best foundries in matchplate molding, MODERN CASTING asked molding suppliers to nominate plants that have implemented cutting edge technology and engineering to make their matchplate operation the model of efficiency.