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  • verb

Synonyms for molder

to become or cause to become rotten or unsound

Synonyms for molder

break down

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Typically, labor is more readily available at an affordable price at overseas molders versus U.S.
This is because PET blow molders consume the same amount of energy regardless of output volume.
Molder struggled last spring but made a late charge and says he's in the midst of his most consistent nine months as a pro.
Molder comprises more than two hundred scientific publications including textbooks on organic chemistry and fuels and co-authority of Russian-Estonian and English-Estonian-Russian dictionaries of chemistry, as well as numerous popular-scientific papers.
That's the one drawback; human molders know how to compensate for a bad pattern."
Molder made nearly $235,000 on the Nationwide Tour this year.
It was noticeable that, Molder apart, little was seen of the large raiding party from America's satellite tour last week.
The need for well-trained molders had been talked about for years.
The difference in the direction of Molder's and Ken Duke's games was never more apparent than in the first round at the St.
This, then, leads to the revelation that the particular technique they have in use has also been adhered to by numerous other custom rubber molders for quite a few years.
Mack Molding, a custom molder and contract manufacturer headquartered in Arlington, Vt., saw its core business vanish overseas a few years ago.
These small bottles not only can be shipped more cost-effectively but they commonly require secondary decorating operations that perhaps can be done at less expense outside the U.S., says Peter Martin, president and COO of Captive Plastics, a $300-million blow molder with 15 U.S.
The quantitative dynamic mechanical spectroscopy results suggest that the cure rate for these materials is high and may lead to complications during injection molding depending on the residence time associated with the injection molder. This would suggest that the mixing time scale during processing is longer than the reaction time scale leading to phase separation of process residuals and compounding ingredients.
"The cost of materials to the molder is greatly reduced if the molder purchases the raw materials--resin, fiber and additives--and produces the compounded product itself," says Lee.
The manufacture of partially or entirely hollow parts from thermoset rubber has always been a challenge to the rubber molder. That they have succeeded in making such a variety of relatively complex hollow rubber parts at all is a tribute to the molder's ingenuity.