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shaped to fit by or as if by altering the contours of a pliable mass (as by work or effort)

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Specializes in close-tolerance precision injection molded parts and assemblies, multicavity molds, and assembly/automation equipment.
Products reduce coefficient of friction, improve wear resistance, and may improve surface appearance and gloss of molded parts.
A production flourosilicone molded part was used for the comparison.
A 110-ton model at the show molded polycarbonate light guides 0.4-mm thick x 2.7 in.
Makes injection and blow molds and injection molded products.
Thornagel; "Integrated cost calculation of molds and molded parts," T.
Slight undercuts in part design can help ensure a consistent affinity of the molded part to the desired cavity half.
Also short-run tooling and production of precision injection molded components for electronics and consumer products.
Products such as catheter and guidewire components, drainage tubes, cochlear hearing products, heart defibrillators and multi-lumen components have been successfully molded using Kuntz injection presses, and world leading companies have standardized on Kuntz horizontal injection machines to meet their critical production needs.
When being molded, butyl rubber tends to form air inclusions in the cavities.
The process doesn't even have an "official" name, though users often call it just "vac forming." The technology is largely in the public domain because the process is identical to the way corrugated pipe sections are made with a bell molded on one end.
A substantial property of injection molded combination parts is the adhesion between both components.
Beads are molded over inserts of plastic and metal, used as coatings on large industrial parts like tanks, and formed into shapes that are coated with other plastics.