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In addition, the moldboard plow resulted in a residue cover of about 15% when residue was retained and 5% when residue was removed prior to tillage in the autumn.
Until about 1940, most cropland was tilled with a moldboard plow after grain harvest (an exportation of biomass).
The moldboard plow was identified as the primary cause of tillage erosion, but all tillage implements will contribute to this problem (Govers et al.
For example, soil erosion on highly erodible land under moldboard plow tillage was 50 times that of no-till (Lindwall et al.
The treatments including Minimum Tillage (MT), Conventional Cultivator (CC) and Moldboard Plow (MP) were laid out in a randomized complete block design.
had a moldboard plow or heavy disk oiled up and ready to go.
Tillage treatments in the study were moldboard plow + two passes of disk harrow (MDD) as conventional tillage method; moldboard plow + one pass of rotavator (MR), chisel plow + one pass of rotavator (CR) and two passes of disk harrow (DD) as reduced tillage methods; one pass of rotavator (R) and one pass of tine cultivator (C) as minimum tillage methods, and no-tillage (NT) as direct drilling method.
Johnson rotated corn and soybeans on one set of plots that were fertilized and tilled every year with a chisel or moldboard plow. She is comparing that to a 4-year rotation with less-disruptive tillage, with and without adding fertilizer.
The moldboard plow is an important primary tillage tool used by farmers (Figure 13-1).
His three-bottom moldboard plow is a "roll-over" model, which eliminates "dead furrows" and reduces soil erosion.
In one of the great putdowns of the 19th century, he dismissed the third president's ample intellect with faint praise for his invention of the moldboard plow: When, in 1829, Jefferson was invoked to promote state constitutional reform, Randolph declared, "Sir, if there be any point in which the authority of Mr.
He has posted one of himself with the rusty moldboard plow that features prominently in this story of a narrator also named Federman who spent World War II on a French farm (remember: it is always folly to assume author and narrator are the same person--in Federman's works, they have frequently been shown not to be.
First published in 1946 in response to Edward Faulkner's Plowman's Folly advocating the use of "subsurface tillage" in farming, this work defends the place of the moldboard plow in the context of conservation farming.
On the other hand, a number of studies have reported that corn yields were similar with reduced tillage systems or traditional moldboard plow tillage (Al-Darby and Lowery, 1986; Mehdi et al., 1999; Beyaert et al., 2002).