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wedge formed by the curved part of a steel plow blade that turns the furrow

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4 tillage systems include, no tillage, moldboard, sweep and chisel were compared and the results of experiment showed that, surface layer of soil in moldboard compared with other tillage systems had lower bulk density that indicated higher porosity in this layer.
In the Minnesota River Basin, costs of switching from moldboard to chisel plow are minimal because most farms already own the necessary equipment.
Moldboard plow: Since I've already mentioned it, let's start with the moldboard plow.
Primary tillage with the moldboard plow buries crop residues deeper and with greater efficiency than the chisel plow (Staricka, 1991).
wide Lexan moldboard with a special down-pressure system that places extra weight on the cutting edge through hydraulic pressure - yet the plow is light enough to not damage the vehicle's front end.
The job of the coulter is to cut through trash and open the soil ahead of the moldboard, leaving a clean-cut furrow.
According to Figure 1 interaction between the methods of soil and irrigation water are thrown to, with moldboard plow tillage with and once Rotivator and EC reduces the amount of atmospheric water and magnetism was 30.53 percent.
WIL-RICH LLC PO Box 1030, 17885 Hwy 13, Wahpeton, ND 58075; 701/642-2621, 800/688-3300, FAX: 701/671-4438 E-mail: Web site: Year established: 1964 Number of employees: 120 CEO/Pres: Victor Klosterman Mktg Dir/Natl Sales Mgr: Howard Dahl Natl Sales Mgr/Mktg Dir: Gordy Nyquist ( Sales Promo/Mktg Mgr: Bruce Thiele Products: Wil-Rich--field cultivators, planter bars, harrows, row crop cultivators, sprayers, chisel plows, cutter chisels, moldboard plows, rippers, disk harrows, shredder, seedbed finshers, rolling packers, Ad agency: Flint Communications
Operators, remove any rocks, mud and hard-packed dirt on top of the grader's moldboard. The same goes for ice and snow.
Recently identified gaseous losses of soil [CO.sup.2] after moldboard plowing, compared with relatively small losses from no-till, demonstrated that SOC oxidation rates were higher under conventional tillage and partially explained why crop production systems using the plow have decreased soil organic matter (SOM) and why no-till systems are halting or reversing that trend (Reicosky and Lindstrom 1993; 1995).
Farmers believe they are unnecessarily being asked to change tillage practices from moldboard plowing to conservation tillage.
Typically, farmers use a moldboard plow to kill both sorghum and cotton plants.
Frink makes the angle of attack issue easy to solve for the operator with the use of a manual adjustment telescopic moldboard brace.
If you own a hill farm and if you're literate enough to read Countryside to begin with, you've already thrown away the moldboard plow that came with the place.
If you had heavier, mushier ground, you could get it in a slat-bottom moldboard so it would scour better than the regular old moldboard, because it had less metal to pull through."