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Synonyms for moldable

capable of being shaped, bent, or drawn out, as by hammering or pressure

Synonyms for moldable

capable of being molded or modeled (especially of earth or clay or other soft material)

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Regenerative medicine company Collagen Matrix Inc stated on Friday that it has passed US FDA 510(k) market clearance for its innovative line of Mineral Collagen Composite Bioactive Moldable Bone Graft Matrix through its Spine business unit.
Future manufacturers will be able to shape the moldable plastic into any shape necessary, from traditional Edison bulbs to flat sheets that can replace office lighting.
The company manufactures a full range of moldable silicone, flanged and foam earplugs for a wide variety of applications, as well as related items, including innovative earwax removal products, ear-drying aids and sleep aid products.
Goodyear found that heating rubber and adding sulfur changed raw rubber from a sticky, moldable lump into a stretchy material.
The university has found that by combining this with another type of plant-grown polymer (using a switchgrass) developed by Massachusetts-based Metabolix, a plastic sufficiently flexible and moldable to make goods such as shopping bags and disposable razors can be made.
The moldable absorbent mat conforms to virtually any shape to control condensation, leaks, and drips.
The material is moldable, which means numerous items can be quickly produced, including helmets for firefighters and linters for pick-up truck beds.
Moxon came up with a "moldable concept" that he initially pegged as unmarketable: "Are you really going to order pens like shoes, in different sizes and widths?"
Dow Coming has introduced Silastic 100% fluoro liquid silicone rubber (F-LSR), a new fully fluorinated two-part injection moldable elastomer designed to meet increasingly stringent automotive engine temperature, fuel- and oil-resistance specifications while improving environmental sustainability during manufacturing.
Illy's in-house designer, Adam Kalkin, created the house as "the idea of home in a recycled container as one continuous moldable surface, a relief against which human activity would pop out," said illycaffe Chairman Andrea Illy.
This first group of organic magnets is not moldable, but the team expects that trait to be attainable.
It is moldable. So when used as a connector, it has the ability to facilitate a dense pin count (via the ability to have thin walls molded), and because of the dimensional stability, it is able to provide pin retention even after multiple setups and teardowns.
The package substance has proven to be moldable and compatible with various elements yet its clarity and overall visually pleasing shape appeal to the target audience.
NEC and Unitika have worked on kenaf fiber-reinforced bioplastic, which has high impact resistance when dropped and is highly moldable, both of which are necessary features for handset cases.
A team of researchers at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) have developed compression moldable composite bipolar plates with channels included that can be used in fuel cell (FC) stacks.