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Para tal, utiliza-se da pesquisa nos microfilmes do JS do periodo de junho de 1944 a setembro de 1947, buscando relacionar o contexto politico e economico do periodo as charges de autoria de Lorenzo Molas e aos diversos usos da imagem das mascotes para iniciativas economicas.
Teniendo en cuenta las caracteristicas histologicas y cariotipo, el embarazo molar es clasificado como mola completa y mola parcial.
* You are most likely to see molas lying on their sides near the ocean's surface.
While good archaeo-magnetic calibration curves exist in the United States and Japan, for example, much of Europe is poorly served - a gap MoLAS hopes it can help to fill.
Readers may be unfamiliar with the Kuna, but most probably have seen a mola, the traditional textile art of the Kuna.
Bright, colorful, layered, intricate, detailed--these are all words appropriate to describe molas, the textile art of the Kuna people.
Molas are fabric panels hand-stitched by the native Kuna people of the San Bias Islands off the coast of Panama.
FOURTH GRADE: PAPER MOLAS Using photographic examples of fabric molas, we discussed the Cuna people of Panama, their cultural tradition of sewing molas and how they have adapted to making molas in non-traditional ways for tourists.
Although it is believed that the Cuna women use the methold of reverse applique to create molas, the process is actually a complex, refined version of this technique.
With winter just around the corner, it's the perfect time of year to introduce your students to weaving, stitching, molas and more.
The women create colorful "molas," which they sew to the front and back of their blouses.
One such curriculum resource is Kaleidoscope of Cloth, which explores a diversity of textile designs from molas and kente weaving to tapa cloth and more.
Part of CRYSTAL PRODUCTIONS' "Art is ..." video series, Paper Molas was produced with artist and teacher Peggy Flores.