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concentration measured by the number of moles of solute per liter of solution

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--In a test reacting specifically to lithium ions, the threshold molarity would be the same for the chloride, mesylate, or iodide salts, and it would be independent of whether the crystals contain two or six water molecules per unit.
Effect of Immobilization Buffer Molarity on Immobilization Efficiency: Despite the lowest immobilization yield (79.34%) highest activity yield (92.16%) was obtained for sodium phosphate buffer at 0.5 M (Table 2).
Hence, from the selected alkaline-binder ratio, the quantities of NaOH and [Na.sub.2][SiO.sub.3] are calculated and the molarity of NaOH is selected as 8 M.
Both molarity of the acidic solution and the reflux temperature had significant impacts on the extend of the functionalization of HCNTs.
Gopalakrishnan, "Effect of molarity in geopolymer concrete," International Journal of Civil and Structural Engineering, vol.
These isoforms were eluted at 0.4-0.5 M and 0.8- 0.9 M (C I- Fraction 21 to 28 or 0.4a to 0.5c; C II- Fraction 41 to 46 or 0.8a to 0.9a) of NaCl concentrations and named on the basis of elution with increasing molarity of NaCl.
Equation 1: Computational formula for the molarity of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid
the irradiation wavelength was 1064 nm ,and the pulse duration (6ns) with maximum power (1J), while the acid and alkaline treatment was involve immersion the samples first in HCl acid with molarity 0.5 mM for 90 minute at 50[degrees]C then the sample are washed in distilled water and dried at 45[degrees]C for 15 minute, the dried samples then immersed in 10M of NaOH for 24 hour at 60[degrees]C finally the samples washed in distilled water and dried.
Keywords: Water treeing, vented tree, cross linked polyethylene insulation (XLPE), molarity, conductivity.
Total Hardness (ppm) = Molarity of EDTA x Formula Weight of CaCO3 x ml of EDTA Solution x 1000/ml of Hard Water Solution
where [V.sub.KOH] is the volume of potassium hydroxide (KOH) titrated (mL), [M.sub.KOH] is the molarity of KOH solution (mol/L), [M.sub.FFAs] is the average molecular weight of free fatty acids, and m is mass of VCO (g).
Smaller actuation voltages are required for nanofluids with larger nanoparticle concentrations, within the regime of low molarity suspensions.
The molar ratio of MEA to zinc acetate was maintained at 1.0 and the final molarity of zinc acetate was chosen to be 0.6 M.
aeruginosa with maximum value of optical density for chromium sodium sulfate cholate at a molarity of 1.43 x [10.sup.-5] with optical density of 1.35.
When 58 grams of sodium chloride are dissolved in 1 liter of water, the result is a 1.0 molar solution of sodium chloride, or a sodium chloride solution with a molarity of 1.0.