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concentration measured by the number of moles of solute per liter of solution

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In some fields, an alternative to the use of molarities is the use of unitless fractions (%, ppm, ppb, etc.).
To evaluate the accuracy of the new method, we mixed SMN1 and SMN2 recombinant DNA plasmids at different molarities. As shown in [Figure 2], the SMN1:SMN2 ratio was accurately detected over a gene dosage range of 1:1-1:6, which was analyzed by Mutation Surveyor software.
Binder polymer Sample Molarities Yield GPC samples codes (mmol) (%) [M.sub.w] AS AIPA 6FAL PSI series PSI-1 4 6 10 52 4716 PSI-2 4 8 8 44 4863 2-HEA 6FAL PSEI series PSEI-1 10 10 53 4637 AIPA 6FAL GMA PSEA series PSEA-1 6 14 4 56 4735 PSEA-2 6 14 6 -- 4819 Table 2: Formulation of black photoresists and thermal stability of a black PDL pattern [14].
hydrochloric acid, citric acid and acetic acid, of different molarities, followed by treatment in remineralizing solution for a time period of 1, 3, 6 and in some cases 7 days, using NMR.
I do not wish to reinforce gender molarities in my reading of Beckett's Happy Days but, rather, recognise that sexual difference is integral to an understanding of the characters therein, as: "Man and woman are irreducible the one to the other: they cannot be substituted the one for the other, not because of a quantity ...
In this experimental study, the various molarities such as 8 M, 10 M, 12 M, 14 M, and 16 M were taken to investigate the optimum molarity value in GPC.
The buffers molarities were 0.2 mol [L.sup.-1] for acid proteases, 0.1 mol [L.sup.-1] for alkaline proteases and 0.05 mol [L.sup.-1] for trypsin activity, with Ca[Cl.sub.2] (0.01 mol [L.sup.-1]) for alkaline protease and trypsin activities (Matus de la Parra et al, 2007).
We observed that the gels were shown to remain stable regardless of their molarities. This indicates that these gels are able to fulfill their function independent of the number of usage.
For desorption of the retained metal analytes from column different molarities (1M and 2M) of nitric acid (HNO3) and hydrochloric acid (HCl) in volume range 2 mL to 10 mL were checked (Fig.
These were equivalent to molarities of 0, 0.013,0.025, 0.038, 0.050, 0.0625 and 0.075 moles L-1respectively (osmotic potential 0, -0.2, -0.5, -1.1, -1.8, -3.0 and -4.2 MPa) at 25?C, oxygenated with an aquarium pump in order to prevent damage to the seed.
Increasing molarities of NaCl (Cc-SP1 (0.5 M), Cc-SP2 (0.75 M) and Cc-SP3 (1 M), respectively) it was observed differences in relative proportions of total sugars (13-39%) and sulfate (1629%), but no contaminant proteins were found among the fractions (RODRIGUES et al., 2013b), and in comparison with other investigated algae SPs (CHATTOPADHYAY et al., 2007; DE ARAUJO et al., 2011).
Differences between the relative proportions of sulfate and sugars may occur when comparing fractions eluted at different molarities of salt (ARAUJO et al., 2011; CHATTOPADHYAY et al., 2007a; LEITE et al., 1998).
The comparison of molarities of the samples from 1 to 12 shows by Mann-Whitney test to have equal medians (P = 0.47) and by f-test to have equal means (P = 0.93), and the two sets of molarities have equal medians by Kruskal-Wallis test (P = 0.49).
Kirby, "Effective molarities for intramolecular reactions," Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry, vol.
The molarities of zinc-bromine solution are about 4 mol/L so that the amount is nearly half of the optimal value not only for the conductivity but also for the bromine solubility [14-17].