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concentration measured by the number of moles of solute per kilogram of solvent

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Tironi, "Molecular dynamics simulation study of ionic hydration and ion association in dilute and 1 molal aqueous sodium chloride solutions from ambient to supercritical conditions," Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, vol.
In this study, this correlation is used in the PVT sim[C] for the molal distribution.
La osmolalidad del suero se debe principalmente a su contenido en electrolitos, moleculas organicas y coloides, estos ultimos (proteinas) participan escasamente porque no obstante encontrarse presentes con una masa considerable, su concentracion molal es baja debido a su alto peso molecular (menor numero de particulas).
The molal concentrations of ethylene glycol were calculated and the expected drop of freezing point depression was compared to the values given on the antifreeze tester.
The proportionality between specific humidity ratio [~.[omega]] and specific humidity ratio on a molal basis is given by
Using aliquots from the bulk solutions, 2 molal glycerol and 2 molal sucrose solutions were prepared.
The waters belonging to the hydrothermal systems studied are alkaline-type waters related to granitic materials, and showing similar geochemical properties, such as low mineralization (lower to [10.sup.-2] molal), low content of dissolved salts (< 340 mg/L), significant high pH, negative redox potential, Na as predominant cation and absence of a clearly predominant anion.
Molal concentration (molality) is the number of moles of solute per kilogram of solvent.
The activity of glucose is assumed equal to molality, with a molal activity coefficient equal to 1.
Solubility and thermodynamic relationships for CaS[O.sub.4] in NaCl-[H.sub.2]O solutions from 40 to 200[degrees]C, 0 to 4 molal NaCl.
En la Figura 3 puede observarse el grado de desplazamiento de la curva de equilibrio en el sistema etanol (1)agua (2) en presencia de cloruro de calcio con una concentracion molal de sal de 1.68 m, donde se compara con el sistema en ausencia de sal, por lo que se logra demostrar la eficacia de la adicion de la sal en este sistema azeotropico.
through the range 0[degrees] to 95[degrees] C, calculations have been made of (1) the standard potential of the silver-silver-ehloride electrode, (2) the activity eoeffieient of hydrochloric aeid in aqueous solutions from m (molality) = 0 to m=0.1 and from 0[degrees] to 90[degrees] C, (3) the relative partial molal heat content of hydrochloric acid, and (4) the relative partial molal heat capacity of hydrochloric acid.
3, respectively; P is the percent (w/v) of polyacrylamide; [micro] is the dynamic viscosity of [H.sub.2]O (=1.002 centipose); K is the temperature in Kelvin; [phi] is the "association" parameter of [H.sub.2]O (=2.6); and V is the molal volume of the solute at its normal boiling point (370 [cm.sup.3] g [mol.sup.-1] for disodium fluorescein).