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Synonyms for moisture

Synonyms for moisture

wetness caused by water


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Minute diamonds of moisture from the mist hung, too, upon Tess's eyelashes, and drops upon her hair, like seed pearls.
In the southern part of the continent, where the western gales, charged with moisture from the Pacific, prevail, every island on the broken west coast, from lat.
The invariable moisture of my hair, while plunged in deep thought, after six cups of hot tea in my thin shingled attic, of an August noon; this seems an additional argument for the above supposition.
He shook off the few drops of moisture which clung to its petals.
The rain had ceased, but everything around us was dripping with moisture.
No; so little moisture was there in my system that I didn't bleed much.
was deeply thoughtful, and a drop of moisture fell from his pale brow.
The sun was fast drying their clothing, and Tip stirred up his Majesty's straw so that the warm rays might absorb the moisture and make it as crisp and dry as ever.
As the lines were cast off and the steamer swung out into the current, those near him saw the moisture well up in Daylight's eyes.
Jerry lay on his side at first as he drank, until, with the moisture, life flowed back into the parched channels of him, so that, soon, still weak and shaky, he was up and braced on all his four wide-spread legs and still eagerly lapping.
When it comes to construction, determining the correct moisture content of wetted building materials and analyzing corresponding locations, orientations and patterns is of imminent value to forensic engineers and building scientists.
Hygroscopic engineering resins, such as PBT, PET, PC and nylons, all absorb ambient moisture that can effectively shorten their polymeric chains and adversely affect performance in both the mold and the end part.
Moisture and oil content are important properties to examine when determining the quality of fried food.
Thus, identifying the processes and mechanisms that influence the variability of soil moisture is an important tool in agricultural and forest crop management.
Soil moisture is an important factor influencing oviposition in several scarabs, including Phyllophaga species (Sweetman 1931; Gaylor & Frankie 1979), Cyclocephala species, Ligyrus subtropicus Blatchley (Potter 1983; Cherry et al.