mohawk haircut

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haircut in which the head is shaved except for a band of hair down the middle of the scalp


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Based on his Dad's tale, Rocket Zot is already quite an expert in giving Mohawk haircuts. At 2 years old.
WITH a vivid blue streak running through his mohawk haircut, it's unsurprising that David Anthony preferred to look on the bright side of life after Great Britain's wheelchair rugby team failed to reach the semi-finals at London 2012.
A 32-year-old NASA flight director of Iranian origin who was televised in a Mohawk haircut while overseeing the landing of the Curiosity rover on Mars became an overnight Internet sensation.
Showing off a new, edgier mohawk haircut, Cruise flashed a cheeky smile and the peace sign at fans as he set up for the gig.
Rather than show Balotelli's face, however, Gambarini showed the Manchester City striker's trademark Mohawk haircut, with the word 'Italia' visible at the top of his shirt.
Elliott's character, the defender Thorne, a warrior with a mohawk haircut and a spiked mace as his weapon of choice, has been kept on for the second series.
Normally, a Mohawk haircut is something I'd rather not see.
The Moroccan playmaker with a mohawk haircut scored one and set up another for 10-man Hoops, who stormed back to the top of the Championship table after ending a run of four successive draws.
He showed up at practice last week sporting a Mohawk haircut.
There was not a safety pin or a Mohawk haircut in sight as Bass recorded his third win from ten rides for Henderson, when Peveril outpointed odds-on Court In Motion in the novice hurdle.
Scene 1 : Picture this image, potent enough to make every carrier executive gasp: A young tattooed man in high-tops, sporting a nose ring and a dyed Mohawk haircut, wearing eye-shadow.
The little boy seems intent on following in his father's footsteps, as he was recently spotted sporting a trendy Mohawk haircut like him.
By Tara Bahrampour WASHINGTON--Sixteen-year-old Ali Assiri's Mohawk haircut doesn't look strange in Las Vegas, where until last week he played guitar in a punk band called The Latest End.
DOMIKNITRIX: WHIP YOUR KNITTING INTO SHAPE doesn't hold your usual saccharine vests and sweaters: it's a contemporary guide for the modern knitter who wants to produce something as original as a 'skull vest' or a 'widow's peak' hair piece for a Mohawk haircut, and as such will uniquely appeal to the younger generation with fresh, contemporary ideas for knitting.
And the constant clever quirks can't fail to raise a smile of appreciation: the narrator at the beginning becomes the Artful Dodger (Owen Sharpe), complete with a Mohawk haircut, midway through the first act.
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