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an integer that can be divided without remainder into the difference between two other integers

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the absolute value of a complex number

(physics) a coefficient that expresses how much of a specified property is possessed by a specified substance

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Current criteria for pavement evaluation and design rely on characterizing pavement structural layers with either California Bearing Ratio (CBR) values or back-calculated moduli from Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) tests.
The aim of our research was to establish directional changes of dynamic elastic moduli in chosen rock mass and compare them with effective moduli obtained from the crack tensor.
The relationship between the two moduli and the strength of laterized concrete is also a function of the mix proportions.
Key words: analytical model; ceramics; elastic moduli; polycrystalline materials.
The hub was split into sections and the moduli were calculated using standard volume and surface area equations [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 6 OMITTED].
At the temperature of 15, 20, and 60[degrees]C, compressive moduli of high modulus asphalt concrete are 1.3-1.5,1.4-1.6, and 1.8-2.1 times the value of matrix asphalt mixture, respectively.
Among the topics are Koszul cohomology and its applications to moduli, intersection pairing in singular moduli spaces of bundles, arithmetic aspects of moduli spaces on sheaves with curves, and vector bundles on reducible curves and applications.
Shear storage moduli, shear loss moduli, and tan [delta] values of the prepared samples were obtained through the DMA temperature scan and isothermal testing.
Moduli spaces and arithmetic geometry; proceedings.
Also, LSRs provide notably higher tensile moduli than their HCR counterparts, even though the ultimate tensile strengths of the liquid-based elastomers are comparable with those of their gum-based cousins (figure 1).
Microphase Separation: A sudden rise in both storage (G') and loss (G") moduli observed at the start of third region is due to the polymer stiffening.
A major compilation of elastic moduli data (Young's modulus, shear modulus, bulk modulus, and Poisson's ratio) for oxide ceramics has been completed and added to the online NIST Ceramics WebBook.
Calculate the freezing moduli of sections that must be fed separately.
While the 90|degrees~ oriented samples showed higher moduli than the 0|degrees~-oriented samples in the Kevlar system and lower in the fiberglass system, these differences in moduli as well as the Tg and type of failure are insignificant.
When presented with films of the same 2-mil thickness but different bending moduli from 12 kpsi to 36 kpsi, consumers will rank order the films by thickness in correlation with perceived order of increasing modulus.