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Synonyms for modiste

someone who makes and sells hats

someone who makes or mends dresses

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Give it a better name and the hotel-keepers, the tourists-agencies, the rich jewelers, the modistes and dress makers would certainly set up a howl.
The essay--The Face of Fashion: Milliners, Marchandes de Modes, and Modistes in Visual Culture--was part of Chrisman Campbell's PhD in French and the History of Art, focusing on the role of women in the eighteenth century fashion industry.
"Surendettement; vieillissement de la population rurale; marginalisation; disparition de ce que les sociologues nomment les professions independantes, par exemple les sabotiers, les galochiers, les tisserands, les modistes, les bourreliers, les marechaux-ferrants, les tonnellers, les fondeurs de merrain, les charmants saisonniers espagnols et portugais qui mettaient de l'ambiance."
Certainly, when the editors of the Cleveland Daily Plain Dealer told readers that Keckley's book served as a lesson "not to make confidants of, or allow themselves to be duped by servants, modistes, or what ever they may be call ed, white or black, unless they wish to court notoriety by being held up by this class of people in a manner to disgrace" (1), they were revealing the perceived need to maintain the fabricated, yet necessary, genteel distinctions that Keckley and Mary Todd Lincoln's relationship challenged.
The parody of Behind the Scenes makes it clear that Keckley's decision to enter into the public sphere of commodity as author and modiste threatened some whites, as it repeatedly attacks Keckley for supposedly lying to make money, and ends by deriding her entrance into commodity culture.
Des metiers et professions proprement urbains qui n'etaient pour ainsi dire pas representes au XVIIIe siecle ont maintenant pignon sur rue comme des agents d'assurance, des charcutiers et des modistes.
Dans le cas des femmes de la petite industrie, tous les metiers ont par contre ete retenus, parce qu'il y en avait peu: blanchisseuses, couturieres, dentellieres, brodeuses, modistes, giletieres, lingeres et piqueuses de bottines constituent la totalite de la liste.
There were 198 modistes, 101 fashion stores, 54 ready-to-wear shops, and over 250 dressmakers.