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Synonyms for modiste

someone who makes and sells hats

someone who makes or mends dresses

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Everything I put into a sketch of a costume can be duplicated in materials by the modiste. Femininity is the quality everyone loves in a woman and in my work I do everything to accentuate it.
Eventually, her aspirations were realized, as she secured a position as the personal dressmaker, or "modiste," for Mary Lincoln (92).
Keckley's rise to notoriety" is already embedded in the authorial information on the front page of her book: "Formerly a Slave, but More Recently Modiste, and Friend to Mrs.
II se mit a compter sur ses doigts avec un plaisir d'enfant: cuisiniere, modiste, repasseuse, couturiere, tailleur, menagere, jardiniere, [...] sans compter ceux que j'oublie" (38).
They prefer to parade the skill of their modiste by some dainty but high-cut bodice or pretty blouse.
By the early 1890s, Degas had turned his attention from consumers and displays to the artistry of the modiste, perhaps expressing "the kind of disillusionment with the culture of commodities that became common during the fin-de-siecle" (MW 105).
In 1964, Hendy remarked that every aspect of it 'is so clearly described that a modiste could no doubt reconstruct it in detail', and particularly noted the complete harmony between the depicted woman and her dress: 'it is all in one with her person, which is no less clearly defined'.
On the streets of early 50s New York he would find the people he recognised from the cities where he'd lived, from Glasgow most of all: the assistants in his stepfather's jewellery store, the customers from the South Side suburbs (Giffnock, Clarkston, Newton Mearns,Whitecraigs), the seamstresses who used to work for his great-aunts in the basement of their modiste establishment, fellow pupils from the Friday shul at Garnethill Synagogue.
Pour Apuleius aussi, qui travaille anterieurement au paradigme modiste, peuvent s'appliquer les analyses de Howard R.
Keckley, a former slave who had maintained her own sewing business both before and after serving as modiste in the Lincoln White House, belonged to Washington DC's "colored society." Jacobs, in contrast, was always a much humbler social servant.
Lincoln's respected "modiste" and "friend" (according to the title page) was intended not to champion herself but, rather, her much-maligned former employer.
Modiste, Jolson Theatre 16 December 1937, Operatic Concert Festival, Pythian Theatre 28 and 29 April 1938, The Sun Dance, Broadway Theatre (Cine Roma) The New York Light Opera Guild may have been a church-based group.
La Modiste has failed to trouble the judge on her recent outings but can bounce back to winning form at Brighton.
She has given the champion jockey an added financial incentive to beat 28 rivals in the pounds 45,000-added handicap because success on the filly La Modiste will reap a pounds 150,000 bonus put up by the sponsor.
Martin Fetherstone-Godley's four-year-old looks weighted to reverse form with La Modiste.