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As in life, so in psychotherapy sensation is close to modishness. The newness of a thing does not, however, consist in sensation, but in how the thing manifests itself in that which it really is.
In opposition to this green political modishness, critical ecology underlines the link between nature and the forces and means of production, insisting that environmental policies can only be applied by questioning the principles of the productive model which operates on a global scale.
The word, according to one dictionary, can mean having a mouldy or musty smell or, more likely when describing cars, characterised by originality and modishness; unconventional.
The decorating ideas are drawn from something Mary "had read in a woman's magazine" (44); Woman's World had recently published a two-part article on redecorating a house into bright modishness for eighty dollars (Fales).
Tomson, (8) in an 1891 "Spring Wear" piece in the Scots Observer, advises readers to be the authors of their own fashions, "but so gracefully and unpretentiously as to achieve that Golden Mean between modishness and originality wherein abides the secret of successful choices" (1891, 429).
Just thought I'd mention it for the elucidation of anyone suffering from an attack of modishness who is tempted to muck about with the race.
The cabin shows an equal preference for maturity over modishness, with a considerably more conventional dash design that, were it to come from VW, wouldn't raise an eyebrow, though the oval face-level vents take Ford branding to subliminal levels of subtlety.
And, finally, will it place the study of literature on a new scientific footing which will allow the discipline to accumulate secure findings that consign theoretical modishness to the darkness?
Well into the proceedings, Clowes' screenplay appears finally to decide what it wants to be about--the modishness and hypocrisy of the art world and the questionable value of study and schooling as an avenue to artistic self-expression.
Lord Ashdown said that Sir Menzies would offer the British public an alternative with 'weight and substance and seriousness' in a political debate increasingly obsessed with 'modishness and flim-flam'.
Yet in matters of culture and the arts, the Times adds another dimension of depredation--we mean the element, half preposterous, half nauseating--of unthinking modishness.
Despite its modishness, counterfactual history has quite a pedigree, leading all the way back to Cleopatra's nose.
Of course, had he pursued all these this study would have run to three volumes; but still a thought such as "[Liszt's] modernity had an element of modishness in it" (p.
At the center of this augmented public space, we find a fusional individual acting according to the dictates of modishness as interpreted and delivered by way of marketing campaigns.
It is difficult to resist the conclusion that this curious choice of the word "empire" as a name for these patterns of globalization reflects the new modishness of empire as a subject--as witnessed by the number of books now appearing on this theme.