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in a stylish manner

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Bright, unencumbered, and modishly cool, the colors span a range of soft pastels--lilacs, lime greens, mauves, and periwinkle blues--sometimes dropping into darker registers of red and purple.
There is nothing modishly nostalgic about Jacobson's novel.
(32.) Bergson was giving weekly philosophical lectures at the College de France to packed crowds, including a fair number of modishly hatted ladies (Grogin 122-26).
Yet while Halliwell uses her makeover products to talk about her recovery from eating disorders, they also showcase a modishly size-zero body.
The notion that the court of Protector Oliver was not peopled by drab Puritans but by fashionable courtiers, and that Cromwell himself was also dressing modishly, fits well with the new view of the protectoral court which has emerged in recent years.
In addition, plans have been announced for the building of two completely new piers in Morecambe and Ingoldmills/Skegness, which would be the erst in over 50 years, while in Italy, architect Norman Foster has apparently included 'a 1000-foot modishly curvaceous pier' in his design for the regeneration of Rimini.
At the time, observers described Solow as a brash, young newcomer -- "a bachelor who wears his brown hair modishly long," as the New York Times put it.
In Mundus et Infans (1500), for example, the World gives Manhood new clothes to mark his entry into the service of Pride, while in Mankind the protagonist's coat is cut down to a modishly short garment when he comes under influence of the vices.
I'm not averse to a spot of it myself - only recently I found relief from a sense of the absolute meaninglessness of existence by treating myself to a lump of Italian cheese and a modishly
The modernist styling of the dramatic centerpiece presents an exciting contrast to the warm wood paneling and modishly futuristic mosaic tiles that encase the lobby.