modified radical mastectomy

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removal of a breast and the pectoralis minor and some lymph nodes in the adjacent armpit

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Thoracic epidural anaesthesia can be safely used in geriatric women undergoing Modified Radical Mastectomy for breast carcinoma with significant postoperative analgesia, reduced perioperative complications, preventing metastasis and hypoxemia.
Following that, in all patients the routine modified radical mastectomy with axillary clearance was performed and the SLN and mastectomy with axillary clearance specimen was sent to the histology laboratory fixed in formalin in two separate bottles marked "A" and "B" respectively and the report of the histopathology was compared.
Conclusion: The use of low vacuum vs high vacuum drains after modified radical mastectomy reduces the hospital stay significantly.
9% of patients who underwent modified radical mastectomy and full axillary dissection developed lymphoedema, and axillary radiotherapy was not found to be a significant risk factor.
1%) (the tumour-free margin could not be defined intra-operatively in all these cases), modified radical mastectomy (MRM) (n=34; 41.
The patient underwent modified radical mastectomy of the right breast.
In addition to chemotherapy and modified radical mastectomy, Newton-John treated her cancer with a comprehensive approach to healthy living, including meditation, acupuncture and a healthy diet.
Modified radical mastectomy was performed in a 47-year-old female patient following a biopsy of a mass in the upper lateral quadrant that was diagnosed as invasive ductal carcinoma.
Prior to the neoadjuvant therapy, 44% of the women were candidates only for modified radical mastectomy, and 1% were judged to have inoperable tumors.
McNeely's team examined 24 research studies comprising 2,132 women with a confirmed breast cancer diagnosis and who had undergone surgery such as a radical mastectomy, modified radical mastectomy, or a local wide excision or lumpectomy.
Variations of mastectomy Type of mastectomy Operative procedure Radical mastectomy Removal of breast, axillary contents and underlying pectoral muscle Modified radical mastectomy Removal of the breast and axillary contents Simple mastectomy Removal of the breast Skin-sparing mastectomy Removal of the breast with preservation of the skin flaps and the inframammary fold if possible--this is done for immediate reconstruction Table IV.
Radiation was optional in women who underwent modified radical mastectomy.
Dissection of axillary lymph node (a large group of lymph nodes located in various places) and modified radical mastectomy, are other common surgical treatments for invasive cancer.
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