modified radical mastectomy

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removal of a breast and the pectoralis minor and some lymph nodes in the adjacent armpit

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Two weeks later, a right modified radical mastectomy was performed with a sentinel lymphadenectomy procedure.
By the mid-1980s, several randomized trials had demonstrated that lumpectomy with radiation therapy confers the same survival benefit as modified radical mastectomy for women without metastatic disease (Fisher, Bauer, Margolese, et al.
Initial treatment was modified radical mastectomy in 13 of 19 women in the HDC/PBSCT group; the remainder had lumpectomy or segmental excision followed by irradiation.
The first (and less popular) is a bilateral procedure, wherein the nipple is removed, leaving the appearance of a modified radical mastectomy.
But tumors greater than 2 or 3 centimeters in diameter generally spur surgeons to perform a modified radical mastectomy, where they remove the entire breast and some surrounding tissues.
What we are trying to do here at NCI is to determine in a scientific way if that procedure--removal of the lump and the administration of radiation therapy--is as good a cancer treatment as modified radical mastectomy.
A Danish study of more than 9,000 premenopausal women with breast cancer shows that breast-conserving therapy provides the same survival benefits as modified radical mastectomy for young patients despite the increased risk of local recurrence.
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