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Then in the case of excisions you have all kinds of secondary changes, pigmentary disturbances, modifications of the passions, alterations in the secretion of fatty tissue.
To sum up, it is a distinctive mark of substance, that, while remaining numerically one and the same, it is capable of admitting contrary qualities, the modification taking place through a change in the substance itself.
We shall thus see that a large amount of hereditary modification is at least possible, and, what is equally or more important, we shall see how great is the power of man in accumulating by his Selection successive slight variations.
Yet these relations are of the highest importance, for they determine the present welfare, and, as I believe, the future success and modification of every inhabitant of this world.
The popular conception of instinct errs by imagining it to be infallible and preternaturally wise, as well as incapable of modification.
He was a master of metre, and contributed certain modifications to the laws of Chinese prosody which exist to the present day.
The association commenced by General Ashley underwent various modifications.
Nothing that has life, either animal or vegetable as we know them, can exist without air, and it follows that nothing having life, according to our views of it, can exist in the moon:--or, if any thing having life do exist there, it must be under such modifications of all our known facts, as to amount to something like other principles of being.
Among these the most important was the manufacture of the native cloth,--'tappa',--so well known, under various modifications, throughout the whole Polynesian Archipelago.
I went about telling the story to people, and trying to make them find it as amusing as I did, but whether I ever succeeded I cannot say, though the notion of a version with modifications constantly grew with me, till one day I went to the city of Cleveland with my father.
Could he introduce it, with modifications, when he next wrote a letter to his brother, the lay-reader?
Something told him that the modifications would not do; and that something, had he known it, was the spirit of English Prose.
You must use,' said the gentleman, 'for all these purposes, combinations and modifications (in primary colours) of mathematical figures which are susceptible of proof and demonstration.
Fontaine's Springfield modification center primarily provides dual-drive steering modifications for refuse and street sweeper trucks built at Navistar's Springfield assembly plant.
The number of permanent loan modifications reached last year totaled 489,000, according to HOPE NOW, a voluntary private-sector alliance of servicers, investors, mortgage insurers and counselors.