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Synonyms for modernize

Synonyms for modernize

to make modern in appearance or style


Synonyms for modernize

make repairs, renovations, revisions or adjustments to

become technologically advanced

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In the postwar period, though, as modernizers gained power at City Hall and problems with the market mounted, many politicians increasingly viewed the market as a business more than a cultural and community feature, and pursued policy changes accordingly.
As the battle between traditionalists and modernizers raged, one high-profile member of City Council complicated the situation and blurred the lines between these opposing ideologies.
72) In failing to provide specific suggestions, Cline's vague stance resembled that of many conservative modernizers, who applauded urban development but also sought to preserve some historical urban features in a way that would be compatible with, not in stark and awkward contrast to, downtown's evolution.
77) It seemed as though traditionalists and modernizers had all been satisfied--Mayor Jackson called the plan "marvelous," while Traffic Director W.
Given the conflict between traditionalists and modernizers over the market, the interim solution was ironic.
The crisis facing the market was not a pre-existing one so much as it was the product of pressure from modernizers who sought to reshape the city as a whole, and had no intentions on giving the market a free pass from urban redevelopment.
107) Instead, private developers who were modernizers exercised considerable influence, using reports such as the 1966 Downtown Master Plan to learn about housing shortages, but ignoring calls for more central-city housing and instead establishing planned communities on the outskirts of the city, feeding suburban sprawl.
112) Although modernizers advocated inner city expressways to alleviate traffic congestion in the city, the lack of broader public support and financial backing meant the 1943 plan, as well as a subsequent 1949 plan, were never implemented.
In the immediate postwar years, modernizers who later led the urban renewal efforts of the 1960s and 1970s sharpened their views during the market controversy.
In referring to traditionalists and modernizers as two different groups, no official association between proponents of each ideology is implied.
This school is actually almost entirely opposed to the new urban vision championed by modernizers in this period.