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Synonyms for modernization

making modern in appearance or behavior

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a modernized version (as of a play)

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5 billion went to the AFP Modernization Program," DOF said.
Gain insight into the competitive landscape of the global Police Modernization market.
Gain insight into various defense modernization initiatives around the world.
The tender winner will be announced in the next few days, the modernization of the plant will start then, the Deputy Minister stated.
Discussions on the military's modernization program come amid an ongoing row with giant neighbor China over territories in the West Philippine Sea.
Over 77% of those surveyed stated that primary factors influencing the selection of IT modernization service providers were the availability of appropriate migration technologies, a track record in IT modernization, and market proven systems integration skills.
To avoid this pitfall, the architecture team must bridge the gap between the strategic modernization objectives and the tactical objectives that provide immediate value to customers.
5 million a year -- a provision included in a settlement ending lawsuits challenging the modernization plan.
Unisys Application Modernization Service helps customers ensure that business processes are driving their technology, rather than allowing technology to limit business agility.
We recognize that the IRS has experienced problems in the past with its modernization programs, but we believe that the agency has made substantial progress in dealing with internal management systems.
Half of Levine's book treats modernization from the top down, that is, the feudal and military revolutions, which involve a revolution in land tenure and inheritance law and the enserfment of agrarian workers, and the bureaucratization of government (the modernization theorists' "state formation") complete with literate and numerate record-keeping.
The foundry was in the midst of a modernization project with the addition of automatic molding and pouring, but it was faced with quality issues.
Akron Steel Fabrictors (ASF) is suggesting to users to look at a modernization program which can take the old equipment and transform it to new technology.
In South Korea there is no modernization without Christianity and no Christianity without shamanism.
The relationship between life history, gender, and the discourse of modernization was examined from the perspective of a researcher with extensive experience performing evaluations about modernization within human services in Denmark.