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the circumstances and ideas of the present age

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This paradox, though different in form, is not really different from the remark which is often made in modern times by those who would depreciate either the methods of education commonly employed, or the standard attained--that 'there is no true education among us.
Add to all this, Cedric had fasted since noon, and his usual supper hour was long past, a cause of irritation common to country squires, both in ancient and modern times.
The patron of The Young Amelia proposed as a place of landing the Island of Monte Cristo, which being completely deserted, and having neither soldiers nor revenue officers, seemed to have been placed in the midst of the ocean since the time of the heathen Olympus by Mercury, the god of merchants and robbers, classes of mankind which we in modern times have separated if not made distinct, but which antiquity appears to have included in the same category.
Germaine," she went on, when Peter had departed on his singular errand, "or that you are likely to see the sort of harp to which you are accustomed, as a man of the modern time.
The problem in these modern times and the living past, everything is prohibited,' he said in a speech before San Beda law graduates.
History appears in its second updated edition to offer a fine history of American Indians from their origins to modern times, and uses the latest research to add information about Indian social and cultural issues in modern times.
The short film was inspired by and is a modern day take on the Charlie Chaplin 1936 classic Modern Times.
Swedish entertainment broadcaster Modern Times Group (STO:MTG B), or MTG, is interested in acquiring the Scandinavian assets of German sector firm ProSiebenSat.
We asked members of The Modern Times - a group of young people based at Middlesbrough's gallery mima.
A story has little purpose if it cannot be applied to modern times.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-3 March 2009-Swedish Modern Times merges broadcasting assets in Bulgaria(C)1994-2009 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Here are the social and political disputes which have taken place from the 1830s to modern times, with central themes and relationships including questions on the types of art appropriate for a democratic society, and how to asses and possibly regulate its appearance.
On the newest, Modern Times, Dylan produces himself for the first time with the band that's backed him over several years of endless touring.
A New Reformation is very strongly recommended and iconoclastic reading, and to be given high praise as an outstandingly informative and quite comprehensive study of the Christian movement, especially the Catholic church, and a coherent presentation of the more progressive aspects of the Christian religion in modern times.
Drawn from the mastered works of early childhood development specialist Jim Gill, Moving Rhymes For Modern Times is a lively and eclectic collection of music focused on giving children a time to play and potentially explore a more intuitive and thought provoking media.