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the circumstances and ideas of the present age

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This paradox, though different in form, is not really different from the remark which is often made in modern times by those who would depreciate either the methods of education commonly employed, or the standard attained--that 'there is no true education among us.
Sire," replied Mazarin, "you are already wisdom itself, prudence personified; of your generosity I shall not venture to speak; that which you have just done exceeds all that the most generous men of antiquity or of modern times have ever done.
descended upon Marvis Bay early next afternoon, and George, meeting them at the station, in reluctant pursuance of a promise given to Arthur Mifflin, felt moodily that, if only they could make their acting one-half as full of colour as their clothes, the play would be one of the most pronounced successes of modern times.
Thus, in order to enunciate here only summarily, a law which it would require volumes to develop: in the high Orient, the cradle of primitive times, after Hindoo architecture came Phoenician architecture, that opulent mother of Arabian architecture; in antiquity, after Egyptian architecture, of which Etruscan style and cyclopean monuments are but one variety, came Greek architecture (of which the Roman style is only a continuation), surcharged with the Carthaginian dome; in modern times, after Romanesque architecture came Gothic architecture.
These paragraphs deal with Nietzsche's protest against the democratic seriousness (Pobelernst) of modern times.
Near the city, is a most splendid unfinished marble structure for the Girard College, founded by a deceased gentleman of that name and of enormous wealth, which, if completed according to the original design, will be perhaps the richest edifice of modern times.
When the time arrives for that machine to be set in motion, it is my profound conviction that the result will be one of the greatest surprises of modern times.
Germaine," she went on, when Peter had departed on his singular errand, "or that you are likely to see the sort of harp to which you are accustomed, as a man of the modern time.
This is no light treatment: over a hundred articles gathered from issues from the 1940s to modern times appear here, along with over eighty photos: many of them rare.
There are over 177 miles of man-made tunnels and old quarries under the streets of Paris--and they aren't completely abandoned in modern times, but have become a focus for urban culture and art.
Modern Times Group MTG AB, the international media group, today announced that Strix Television has sold options to develop and produce its newest 'reality TV' format in France and Germany.
Understanding Arabs: A Guide For Modern Times by Margaret K.
The hidden history of freemasons from Rome to modern times is revealed in a survey which traces modern freemasonry back to colleges of artisans in ancient Rome, and their organization evolution to the Arab turuqs, brotherhoods of builders created under the Knights Templar.
Modern Times Group MTG AB the international media group, today announced that Telia, Microsoft, GE Capital and Warner Music are to launch interactive advertising campaigns on the Viasat Digital TV platform in the Nordic region.
95) provides a lively survey of cruise shipping, from its inception to its near-demise in the 1950s, and its rebirth as a floating luxury hotel in modern times.