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subspecies of Homo sapiens

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Brain Size: Brain sizes averaged larger than modern man at about 1450cc but the head was shaped differently being longer and lower than modem man.
For the dad who's at the top of his game, an outstanding example of the modern man of lasting worth and timeless taste, choose a scent that reflects his strong persona and charismatic appeal.
Last year, we introduced one of our boldest and most important new initiatives yet: BE Modern Man, a multiplatform content effort aimed at reclaiming the dialogue about the power, passion, promise, and valuable contributions of black men.
Modern man spread from Africa to all parts of the world during the course of a little more than the last 100,000 years.
They make modern man look like a right wimp which is no surprise considering the sedentary lifestyle most lead these days.
Altogether they provide a convenient one-stop-shop for TV entertainment with handpicked content relevant to the modern man.
From the survey, it appears modern man is caught in an identity crisis.
NEW AGE FOR ANCIENT MAN--It has taken longer than previously credited for the kind of people now on earth to rise to become what we know as modern man.
Experts believe that modern man and Neanderthals shared a common ancestor in Africa.
There is nothing new under the sun" is an adage that could be applied to the latest finding by archaeologists in Israel -- who discovered teeth said to belong to homo sapiens, the scientific term for modern man, dating from about 400,000 years ago -- says Prof.
Summary: Israeli archaeologists claim that they may have found the earliest evidence yet for the existence of modern man.
Experts say the 400,000-year-old tooth may be the earliest evidence yet for the existence of modern man - the earliest homo sapien remains found until now are half as old
Evolution theory holds that modern man has evolved over millions of years.
A slow start handicapped fancied Mozzletoff in the opening heat, where the Pat Buckleytrained Modern Man burst his way through to the front.
We've attempted to work out the science of the modern man, to see if we could find any Neanderthal EXPLANATIONS for his behaviour-
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