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a style of theatrical dancing that is not as restricted as classical ballet

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Hala Imam, the former director of Cairo Opera House's Modern Dance Academy, told Daily News Egypt: "It is a very difficult time for modern dance.
For example, during the Booking Dance Festival Beijing (see sidebar, page 38) Fei Bo's Kunqu Vision revealed the current appeal of modern dance in Beijing.
Rickman has been a member of the Youth Ballet and Modern Dance Ensembles since 1999 and has appeared in numerous productions at the Palmdale Playhouse.
For women, modern dance was widely regarded as liberating.
I recently watched a taped interview with Paul Taylor, one of the grand old figureheads of American modern dance.
Under no other set of circumstances will the City of Houston have such an ideal opportunity to showcase Houston's modern dance talent while at the same time presenting the community with a larger-than-life piece of original art to be enjoyed by all, for free.
The two major bloodlines of American modern dance are Martha Graham and Doris Humphrey.
Widely praised for his creative vision, Mark Morris has been described as "our Mozart of modern dance.
Modern dance performance, commissioned and site-specific dance.
Modern dance is about freedom,'' says Tsao, who has left his fingerprints on both of the government-approved modern dance companies in China, as well as the Hong Kong City Contemporary Dance Company.
The New York Times) Founded in 1958 by Alvin Ailey, AAADT has become one of the world's leading dance companies, dedicated to honoring unique black cultural expression and the enrichment of the American modern dance heritage.
But you have to start somewhere--and this is after all more a party game than a serious historical study-so in classical ballet I suggest that we start with the Vestris clan, and in modern dance with the Denishawn School.
Modern dance choreographer Garth Fagan has no time for angst.
The Festival's line-up includes a jazz company from Minneapolis, a ballet company from France and modern dance companies and artists from New York, Florida and Brazil.
Teacher, choreographer, and modern dance pioneer MARY ANTHONY has two big reasons to celebrate this month: She turns 90 and she is receiving the Martha Hill Award, which acknowledges leadership in dance.