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any substance used to slow down neutrons in nuclear reactors

in the Presbyterian church, the officer who presides over a synod or general assembly

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someone who presides over a forum or debate

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someone who mediates disputes and attempts to avoid violence

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Coping mechanisms among content moderators included a dark sense of humor and swiveling around in their chairs to commiserate after a particularly disturbing post.
Facebook content moderators that work to identify terrorist activity on the platform had their identities compromised, according to a (https://www.
Matthew's; Full-time three-point charge; Interim Moderator Rev.
Ted Cruz excoriated moderators of the third GOP presidential debate Wednesday night.
Sunnie Ho and Jayna Bundy of Microsoft, Dennis Tosh of Ford Motor, Aditya Agrawal of Google, Randall Finnessy of FLIR Systems and moderator Wolfgang Koester of FiREapps
Other local moderators, including Northampton freecycle moderator Larry Kuttner, have also broken away from national affiliation and taken their members with them.
The revelation comes to light after the social network was slammed last week for employing third-party content moderators in the developing world for one dollar an hour.
The survey also found that, on average, internet moderators handled more than 50 violations of website conduct in a one hour shift.
FEBRUARY 21, 2007 - Police executed a search warrant at a house in Carlake Grove, Walton, and recovered a Baikal with a sound moderator and 9mm ammunition.
Altmann, elected moderator of the WCC governing body following its assembly in the southern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre in February.
Rusty Getter of Balcones Resources, Austin, Texas, will serve as moderator for this interactive session.
Monday, May 8, morning session Andrew Claytor, Teknor Apex, moderator.
We report results of the moderator brightness and the guide performance measurements.
Up to four roundtables each seating 8 to 10 participants join a table moderator from one of the many firms supporting the ADAA Foundation.
THE Church of Scotland's new moderator yesterday claimed openly gay ministers could "rip apart" the Kirk.