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(of tempo) moderate

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One of the most memorable Langston Hughes setting in the collection is "Bewilderment," an allegro moderato plea in D minor for spiritual guidance.
682, 822, 928), un impiego moderato degli epiteti composti ("Ma gia il ben pettinato entrar di nuovo/Tuo damigello i' veggo", vv.
It is more useful to go through this chapter point by point and seek out particular movements in Mozart's opuses in which one has a practical interest and compare them with movements of the same tide in a given category, as for example Allegro moderato in secular music.
Later that month, Barry Woods Johnston presented a piano recital of his works Funeral March and Condolence (2011) and Omni Sonata (1981) Andante con Tempo Sempre Stretto, Larghetto, Moderato, and Aggitato.
And then I saw L'Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato, an evening-length concert work choreographed by Mark Morris.
An introspective introduction is followed by a searching moderato, a mosaic of fragmented ideas.
It consisted of three parts, the monumental Allegro Moderato, canzonetta and Allegro vivacissimo.
Fellner and Nagano give a weighty reading to the "Allegro moderato," with the resonant tone quality and restrained tempo expected of a dialogue on the deep things of the heart.
Appearing at the Hippodrome from April 22 to 24 will be L'allegro, il penseroso ed il Moderato, which was first premiered in 1988.
Matteo Di Gesu rilegge l'Account of the Manners and Customs of Italy di Giuseppe Baretti discutendo la strumentalizzazione dell'opera da parte dei critici contemporanei "per suffragare le [presunte] posizioni del nazionalismo liberale e moderato italiano" (183) personificate da Baretti.
Appearing at the Hippodrome from April 22 to 24, the work, L'allegro, il penseroso ed il Moderato, was premiered in 1988.
Bass has the advantage of having been in Congress and is known as a moderato Lamontagne is a serious, thoughtful person of integrity, connected to the conservative wing of the GOP.
The first movement, Allegro moderato, began with brilliant, thunderous chords and octaves ranging across the full spectrum of the Steinway's keyboard.
His Viola Concerto is a big work, opening with a frantic moderato assai which Daniel and soloist Lawrence Power brought to a beautiful and quite sedate ending.
6, Taktakishvili's Allegro Cantabile, Moderato con moto and Allegro Seherzando; Georges Bizet and Francois Borne's Carmen Fantasy.