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Synonyms for moderatism

a political philosophy of avoiding the extremes of left and right by taking a moderate position or course of action

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Comparing the moderatism and classicism clusters with romanticism, the romantic group scored most on the value of feeling.
Though orthodox, Vernet assimilated aspects of Arminianism, Cartesian philosophy, and Anglican moderatism, and arrived at a middle way similar to that of Warburton, with an accent on Christian ethics and practice rather than doctrine.
It is unlikely that he would have empathized with its author's commercially-minded moderatism.
But while its moderatism makes the party a potential ally, the party's tentative commitments hinder it from sustaining a long-term alliance with either.
But his political approach was at least as distant from the top-down moderatism of a Bukharin (or a Gorbachev) as from Trotskyism.