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a political philosophy of avoiding the extremes of left and right by taking a moderate position or course of action

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Pietism was to Baumgarten what Arminianism was to Warburton and Vernet, but Sorkin also traces the influence of Dutch Collegialism and English moderatism on Baumgarten's defense of "the true middle way"--a way that included appeals to natural law, natural religion, and revelation and scripture.
But his political approach was at least as distant from the top-down moderatism of a Bukharin (or a Gorbachev) as from Trotskyism.
moderatism, Evite welcomes everyone to get involved in the
The media's obsession with moderatism means there is a whole spectrum of oppositional views and behaviors, some of them filled with Promise and some of them off the wall, that most Americans don't get to see or hear.
Prior to this, ministers received their liberal-arts training at Glasgow University, which promoted theological moderatism.