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Antonyms for moderating

lessening in intensity or strength


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Farebrother: he seemed a trifle milder and more silent, the chief talker being his mother, while he only put in a good-humored moderating remark here and there.
And, as we were saying, the united influence of music and gymnastic will bring them into accord, nerving and sustaining the reason with noble words and lessons, and moderating and soothing and civilizing the wildness of passion by harmony and rhythm?
The stiff breeze and heavy sea which had sprung up the previous afternoon had been moderating all morning, so that it was now possible to lower the boats for an afternoon's hunt.
I answered, moderating them again as I had moderated them once already.
Business spending on equipment and structures was anticipated to continue to outpace the overall expansion of the economy, though the differential would tend to narrow over time in association with the gradual diminution of increases in sales and profits that was expected in conjunction with moderating economic growth.
Commodity Outlook: Fitch's view is that except for some base metals, commodity costs while still high, appear to be moderating.
Some emphasized the reduction that had occurred in inflationary pressures, and with labor costs remaining subdued they felt that economic growth in line with current forecasts should prove compatible with moderating inflation over time.