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lessening in intensity or strength


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Spending for basic industrial equipment also was likely to soften, given moderating growth in overall final demand in line with current forecasts.
With a moderating commodity environment, margins and cash flow should improve.
Connie Moore, Vice President, Research Director, Forrester Information Delivery Research Group, will be giving the keynote address, "BPM Market Overview," as well as leading an executive roundtable and moderating the panel, "The Business Value of Process Standards.
Business fixed investment was viewed as likely to rise substantially further over the next several quarters, but the rate of growth had been moderating this year and probably would diminish further in conjunction with the projected slowing in overall demand.
Kagan Capital Management's chairman and CEO Paul Kagan is moderating a panel that takes a forward look at how changes in technology, content and on Wall Street will create a different ballgame in the future of value and finance.